Days Off… Woolly Army Style!

Well if you thought our team were amazing when you met them, this will just make you wonder where they find the energy and how we were lucky enough to get them to actually find the time to spend with you (and us) in the first place…

What do our staff get up to on their days off?

Nicole is one of our newest members to the team, if you’ve not met her yet, check out her full introduction here. So when we asked “what do you do on your days off?” she said this…

“Riding this beautiful boy, my horse Rio! I’ve been getting him back on to being competition ready post lockdown! Riding my bike, “Shaquille O’Teal” 😂 up at Whinlatter and now that the Scottish borders are open, we like to head up to Glentress or Ae Forest to get some riding in. And walking the dog, Mishka, with boyfriend Alex and ticking off some Wainwrights! We only started in September and couldn’t do many over lockdown at all so we’re trying to get our measly 13 to 50 by this September!”

Holly is one of those super humans that embraces everything in life and really could do with an extra 50 years to get all the things done that she wants to achieve… Meet Holly here if you haven’t already!

On Holly’s days off she said she likes to do this… “Have 2 days hiking in the fells with a wild camp the first night is the dream 2 days off!  I just love having everything I need on my back! Nothing makes me feel more content than being in my tent up a mountain and unzipping to a beautiful sunrise… Plus my tent is a beaut! 😍 Followed by a cold pint in the pub! 🍺
If it’s a scorcher..then paddleboard fun and lake dunks and jumps are always a good shout! ‘ I also love eating copious amounts of veggie sushi.. if my boyfriend can be bothered making it! 🤣”

Ste’s life changed quite a bit recently, little Jack  joined the family, with partner Mel. So understandably a lot of Ste’s downtime is now about nappies, feeding and catching up on sleep! As Jack gets bigger things are getting more interesting and before Jack (and us) Ste’s life was quite different! Meet Ste

“On my days off I like to skateboard and am teaching Jack to skate even though he’s only 8 months old. I also train MMA with the purpose of competing again soon. I used to play rugby but injuries and family life keep me off the pitch more these days.”

Shelley moved to the Lake District so she could live the outdoor life she always dreamed off… and she is, in bucket loads and those buckets are filled and brimming over *pun intended* she LOVES water! Meet Shelley… and her days off that read like an Adventure Company activity list!

“One of 3 things… Swimming and trying to tick off a new tarn. Hiking… Including getting zombie to finish the wainwright’s… She has 4 left. Or canyoning…hiking a little way up a mountain to abseil, jump or slide down waterfalls 😁 Ideally all finished with an ice cream and/or cold pint of cider 😁”

Natasha is our resident Wild Child and secret Super Geek. Originally from Manchester, she came to Cumbria to join Alpacaly Ever After, well why wouldn’t you?! Occasionally she reverts to her former life of festivals, dressing up and wearing makeup and matching shoes but we’re pretty convinced she’s come around to our lifestyle, especially when you see these photos! As well as loving alpacas and llamas, she loves Kezza her spaniel the most and then there’s a long list of animals including bats, that she surveys in castles… super secret geek style!

Our gang love to give recommendations for places to go and adventures to have so if you are ever walking or trekking with them just ask…and brace yourself for excited information overload :)

Wordsmiths: Rachel Kearns & Emma Smalley

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