Our Visitor Guide & Safety Procedures


All our activities take place outside in the fresh air, and as an outdoor activity provider we are fully versed in risk assessment and  safe operating procedures. We would like to reassure our visitors and those looking to book that we are doing our utmost to protect both our visitors and guides, and are confident in providing a safe and hugely enjoyable experience that will be beneficial to physical and mental wellbeing.

We ask that if you show any Covid 19 symptoms or have been in contact with anyone with symptoms you do not arrive to take part in your activity, instead please take advantage of our rescheduling policy which has been extended to 18 months and can be requested at any point up to the start of the activity. You can do this on the day of your walk by replying to the text that your guide will send you in the morning but please try and give us as much notice as you can.

We also ask that our visitors help us to be responsible members of our community by; protecting the beautiful area we all love,  being mindful of local residents, and respecting the rules of each of the sites that we work with. If you would like more information about the facilities available at each activity site please follow the links from the activity information pages.

The following measures have been put in place to assure visitor and staff safety. Guides will include them in their safety briefing and ask for confirmation of visitors’ lack of any Covid 19 symptoms at the start of the activity. 

  • All activities will be limited to 6 people for the duration of the Social Distancing Advisements and adjusted accordingly as government policy updates.
  • Antibacterial hand-santising stations will be available at the beginning and end of our activities and full washroom facilities are available at all sites. 
  • Guides will keep a two meter distance between themselves and visitors during the activity. This will be adjusted accordingly as government policy updates.
  • Visitors are required to and responsible for keeping social distancing in place between themselves and those outside of their household.
  • Guides will not make any physical contact with visitors e.g. handshakes except in a first aid emergency, in which case medical gloves and masks will be worn.
  • Biodegradable gloves will be provided for visitor use on request. As an outdoor activity the wearing of masks is at customer discretion – masks will not be provided unless in a first aid emergency where social distancing guidelines cannot be followed.
  • Guides will no longer use visitor’s phones to take photographs. Visitors will be welcome to take their own photographs, and our guides will use their company phones to take group shots. These can then be accessed by customers via our Facebook page in the photo album on the date of their walk, or sent directly to customers phones.
  • New sanitised leads and equipment will be used for each visitor, all equipment is washed and sanitised at the end of each day.

If you would like to see our full Covid 19 risk assessments or you have any specific queries or requirements please get in touch with the office on 017687 78328 or info@alpacalyeverafter.co.uk

Our approach to these tricky times...

The Woolly Army would like to send you their warmest wishes x

We wanted to contribute to the welfare of us all, and our health care service, by not encouraging unnecessary travel and by adhering strictly to the government’s policies on social distancing. With this in mind we postponed all our activities for the duration of Lockdown.

As the relevant restrictions are now scheduled to be lifted we are delighted to say that we have opened bookings from July 4th onward  (these will be subject to any changes in government policy restrictions at the time).

As a social enterprise whose revenue goes into looking after and rehoming unwanted alpacas and llamas from across the country with 120 animals in our care, our priority has been maintaining the welfare of the alpacas and llamas during this time and as always you have been SO supportive and we couldn’t be more grateful – thank you so much, we wouldn’t be able to do it without you guys x

We want to do our very best by all of you awesome people who have booked activities with us and so have extended our policies so that all bookings (including vouchers) will have a minimum of 18 months from now to reschedule their activity – no rush just get in touch at a later date when everyone’s back on their feet. If you would prefer we can also exchange your booking for a gift voucher that you can gift to someone else or spend in our online shop.

We will continue to keep everyone informed, up-to-date and spamming you all with alpacas and llamas via our social media channels and if there is anything in particular we can help with just email us and we’ll be in touch.

Being outdoors in the fresh air and surrounded by nature is a hugely important part of physical and mental wellbeing and as always the Woolly Army looks forward to sharing this with you again in our beautiful part of the world.

Our sincere thank you for all of your support and our love to everyone in these tricky times X