Support The Woolly Army

If you enjoyed your experience with the Woolly Army and would like to support the work we do as a social enterprise then firstly, thank you very much indeed you lovely human, and secondly there are lots of ways you can do this! You can…

  • Adopt your favourite alpaca or llama and receive a delightful gift pack in the post.
  • Make a donation in return for a shout out from Terry and your chosen camelid buddy.
  • Set up a monthly subscription and sign up for the newsletter to be the first to hear about new activities and Woolly Army shenanigans.
  • Help us with the human side of the work we do by donating an experience to a charity or third sector organisation – some of the groups we work with include Launchpad Veteran Support, Cumbria Headway, AWAZ, Cumbria Foster Care Services, Always Another Way, Amy’s Care, One in A Million, Barrow Blind Society and many more (if you know of any groups that would be interested in one of our experiences please get in touch!)

And when you’ve chosen which option works best for you, then give yourself a massive pat on the back and wear a smug grin for the rest of the day for being an AWESOME human :)

Thank you guys we couldn’t do it without you  x


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