Join The Woolly Army!

2021 Alpacaly Ever After Guides

We are looking for Alpaca and Llama Caregivers and Guides starting in Summer 2021!!

If you love alpacas and llamas and The Lake District and ALL of the weathers! Then come and make a real difference by working with our award winning Social Enterprise :)

Fill out an application form below and send to with the subject “Confidential”.

Job Description

Application Form (pdf)

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What we offer…

  • An amazing opportunity to work with beautiful animals. Most of our Woolly Army are rescued and we have also started a breeding program so we have our own cria (baby alpaca’s and llama’s) joining our herd. We will teach you everything we know about these animals to ensure they are happy, healthy and able to enjoy walking and trekking here in the Lake District.
  • The chance to work in the Lake District, it’s a beautiful part of the World with lots of mountains, lakes and a great way of life.
  • The chance to have a meaningful role in a forward thinking, rapidly growing Social Enterprise that prides itself on rescuing and rehabilitating animals, contributing to the community, maintaining high ethical and environmental standards, offering inclusive activities that are accessible to all, and providing a gateway for new diverse groups to the benefits of time spent in nature and outdoor activities.
  • Perks! All of our walks are based out of great locations; Lingholm Estate, Whinlatter Forest Park Lakes Distillery, Little Town Farm, and very soon Honister Slate Mine. All of these properties give us/you free parking and a discount in their cafes and restaurants. We ensure you have a great uniform to wear, supplied by high-end eco’ friendly brand Fjallraven. We provide full waterproof layers, gloves and the ability to launder and store your uniform at our secret headquarters. We are always happy for you to bring family and friends to meet the herd or take part in activities, either absolutely free on your own time or discounted during public hours.
  • You get to work with an awesome team of people who are passionate about The Woolly Army and The Lake District!

Meet our Team


Terry and One-Eyed Willie

John represented by a drawing he did of Bill Murray

  • Terry was a soldier and marksman in the British Army from the age of sixteen, including time spent with the Intelligence Department and in three war zones. He then worked for ten years in the security sector, thus acquiring the ability to be unfazed by any situation ever. He has more Big Ideas per day than is healthy for one man. Terry is also a member of the guide team and leads llama treks and is responsible for the welfare of The Woolly Army.


  • Emma is a writer of extraordinarily interesting children’s books, maker of beautifully whimsical things and owner of award-winning design-led business ‘temporary measure’. She brings to Alpacaly the management and creative skills acquired over her eighteen years as an entrepreneur and is responsible for social impact, marketing, design, branding, artwork and Big Decisions. She is also responsible for Terry.


  • Ruby is our incredibly practical and capable team manager. She comes from a Cumbrian farming and equestrian background and has a great deal of experience in livestock management and training. She is responsible for guide staff and organising the overall planning of activities and logistics. She is our resident welfare practitioner and is also in charge of animal welfare alongside Terry. She is the most capable twenty three year old on the planet.


  • John brings his years of customer service expertise to the team to provide our visitors with a seamless booking experience, as well as using his technical and design skills as a self-employed graphic designer to facilitate our website, marketing development, along with branding, artwork and product design. He is head of IT and is too wiley to have been caught on camera for the last ten years, so is represented here by a drawing he did of Bill Murray.
  • Shelley has a solid background in the outdoor industry and has stopped noticing any kind of weather short of a hurricane. She is another of our Mountain Leaders and can navigate her way around the fells blindfolded. She is wonderful at rehabilitating new members of the herd and her favourite aspect of the job is seeing the improvement in health and confidence in animals from when they first arrive.


  • After coming on one of our alpaca walks while on holiday in the Lakes, Ste left his very fancy job as supervisor with Emirates Airways in Dubai to come and work with us. We didn’t like to argue with him. He is hugely passionate about the work we do and his solid background in customer service and love of a good chat means he is currently the ‘King Of Tripadvisor’. He has tattoos of Ziggy and Billy. Neither of them have so far not reciprocated the gesture.


  •  Our newest team member Nicole has her own fitness and personal training business which she runs around her guiding days. She bring her amazing customer management skills, her physio skills and more enthusiasm and energy than one person should really be allowed. She is currently giving Ste a run for his money!


  • Natasha has recently completed her BSc(hons) in Wildlife Conservation with Zoo Biology, has volunteered in the field of conservation all over the world and provides an invaluable source of skills and knowledge for the team. She moved up from Manchester to join us and if you think she knows a lot about alpacas don’t get her started on bats.


  • Holly brings her experience as a World Challenge Expedition Leader, Glacier Guide and Ropes Instructor, along with the skills gained as her time as a youth counselor and sports staff. She is one of our awesome Mountain Leaders, fully versed in safety on the fells. She has got the van stuck in mud more times than we can count and she has a commissioned portrait of Popeye the alpaca. We fully support her in this decision.


  • Rachel grew up in the antipodes/Southern Hemisphere but her family hails from the UK. With a love of the Lake District, training as a vet nurse, a business degree in her back pocket and a passion for story telling she’s found her happy place with Alpacaly Ever After. She is a champion networker with many years of marketing in the outdoor clothing sector and takes the lead on traditional marketing and third sector engagement.

Once upon a time in The Land Of The Lakes...

Emma (writer, illustrator, and maker of beautifully whimsical things) found herself accidentally nodding her head when Terry (former soldier in the British Army, ne’er do well, and thinker of Big Ideas) informed her that having moved from inner city Manchester to The Lake District the only sensible thing for them to do in their spare time, was to start taking care of Peruvian livestock. Everyone told them it was a terrible idea… they gave each other a wink and went off and did it anyway.

The two entrepreneurs are fast learners and dedicated grafters, and they now have a herd of over one hundred and sixty delightfully funny-looking re-homed and rescued alpacas and llamas, all supported by a hugely successful Social Enterprise. They chose the social enterprise model, specifically a Community Interest Company, because they firmly believe that it is the most forward thinking and sustainable approach to doing useful work in the world. It is a model that makes best use of their entrepreneurial skills and enables them to do something positive and innovative with the land where they live.

If there is one thing this pair are good at, it is recruiting People of Exceptional Skill to their cause, and over the last four years they have collected an amazing team of misfits with such a broad and dynamic set of abilities, that everything from graphic design, product development and manufacture, to alpaca shearing, environmental surveys and veterinary procedures are all done in house.

We have found the most beautiful homes for the Alpacaly Ever After herd and are lucky enough to work with some of the most amazing businesses in The Lake District. We are proud to be rated at Tripadvisors No.1 activity to do in the Lake District winning the Travellers Choice Award and getting the Best of Britain Activities title in 2020 which saw in such illustrious company as Buckingham Palace and Covent garden! All of the animals that come into our care have a home for life and the dedicated care of our team of seven full time guides and four directors.
The income generated from welcoming visitors, from all over the world. allows us to fulfil our social aims. It has helped us provide experiences for a huge variety of third sector organisations, including, amongst others: Launchpad Veterans Services, Young Adults Respite Services, Cumbria County Councils Foster Care Services, Eden Valley Hospice, Friends of Chernobyl’s Children, Cumbria Headway, and the One In A Million Foundation.

Our Mission

To provide alpacas and llamas in our care with the best possible lives and the utmost care.
To offer a welcoming new home for life, for unwanted alpacas and llamas from all over the UK.
To provide people with hugely enjoyable and unique alpaca & llama experiences that are accessible to all.
To immerse our guests in the beauty of the Lake District World Heritage Site and to introduce the
benefits of walking to a new generation of diverse visitors.
To share our knowledge about these fascinating species.
To be an innovative and environmentally conscious enterprise.
To design and make delightful, ethical and sustainable products that promote alpacas and their yarn.

The Benefits

Alpacas and llamas are wonderful animals to spend time with. They work particularly well with children and vulnerable
adults due to their calm, curious nature, individual and humorous personalities and of course their appealing appearance!
Spending time with them:

• Reduces stress and provides a respite from day-to-day ongoing concerns.
• Improves empathy as we learn to understand the needs of another being.
• Improves impulse control by highlighting the need to be aware of our behaviour, it’s affects, and how to adapt ourselves accordingly.
• Builds trust and confidence – camelids respond to calm, confident interaction with humans and to see this affect in action helps foster self-esteem.
• Reconnects humans with nature in an accessible way, that attracts groups who would not otherwise be attracted to outdoor activities.
• Promotes physical exercise among groups that would not ordinarily be enthusiastic about it, and acts as a catalyst for positive change.
• Facilitates walking as therapy, allowing conversations to flow that can be difficult in more formal settings.

We have set up our independent social enterprise, to make best use of our skills, and do something positive and innovative with the land where we live, bringing visitors in touch with the landscape and natural world in an enjoyable, engaging and therapeutic way. We aim to make the experiences accessible to all, adapting our approach as necessary, providing everyone with an inspiring and memorable experience!

We are proud to be the Number One activity according to Trip Advisor in the whole of Cumbria and the North West!

Cumbria New Social Enterprise Of The Year 2018
Tripadvisors No.1 activity to do in the Lake District 2019- 2020
Travellers Choice Award 2020
Best of Britain Activities 2020
Green At Heart Silver Award 2020
Excellence in Environmental Practice
Highly Commended Social Entrepreneurs 2021

Over 140 alpacas and llamas re-homed, rescued and rehabiliated since 2017!

Over 400 vulnerable people benefited from free/subsidised experiences! 2019-2020

Where Next?

So, not bad for a start, but we have grander plans ahead, in fact, we may just not stop until world domination is in our sights! All the alpaca shenanigans on our social media have lead to lots of wonderful opportunities and the Woolly Army have been featured on Salvage Hunters, ITV and BBC news, the Telegraph and i newspapers, Diply, Love Travel and we were delighted to take the Unilad team up to the top of Catbells in what we believe was the first ever alpaca walk up a Lakeland fell and the resulting awesome video received over five million views (which we thought was a lot until we made a video featuring alpacas and rainbows and it broke the internet with over 35 million views and counting!) We then teamed up with Unilad along with Virgin Trains to make a video promoting rail travel to The Lake District.

And where will the story go next? Well who can say, all we know for sure is that it has been an absolute privilege to spend time in such gentle, curious and extremely funny-looking company, and that we will be trying our hardest, every day, to make sure that our woolly army get their Alpacaly Ever After…

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