Our Animal Welfare Policy

The welfare and wellbeing of our alpacas and llamas is the most important part of our organisation and our work. We spend every day (and many nights!) interacting with, caring for and working for our herd. They mean the world to us and once they are with us they have a guaranteed home for life.

All the alpacas and llamas that we re-home, or breed, are given the highest level of day to day care and attention, under the constant observation (and obsession!) of our team. They receive the highest level of veterinary care from our local RCS accredited practice Millcroft Veterinary Group with whom we have an excellent relationship and work constantly to update and provide the best possible practice.

We have taken the social enterprise approach to caring for our re-homed alpacas and llamas – as an alternative to asking for donations for their care and to fund our work with third sector organisations, we facilitate highly enjoyable interactions between alpacas and human beings :)

We are dedicated to maintaining and updating our facilities and knowledge to provide for the wellbeing of the herd, including the construction of purpose built eco shelters, specifically designed to provide the best possible facilities for alpacas and llamas, and a hydroponic fodder system so they can have fresh greens all year round!

We keep strict rules in place about the number of walks each member of the herd takes part in, and the number of people walking with them, to make sure that each walk is enjoyable for the alpacas as well as the humans – particularly the bit where they get to paddle in the lake – always their favourite part of the day! By adhering to these rules we make sure that the majority of their day is spent simply mooching, eating, sunbathing, and generally being nosey and funny looking.

This is why you will often see that we are fully booked (and also because we are awesome ;) and why we are very strict about not allowing any extra bookings to be made, or additional walkers to accompany. Sorry guys!

All walks and activities are supervised closely by our dedicated guides who will always point out if any members of the walk are behaving inappropriately or in a way that may irritate the alpacas or llamas.

We are members of the British Alpaca Society which is dedicated to the welfare of alpacas and the education of their owners in the UK.

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch.