You can’t be shearious!? | Llama Shearing

It’s that time of the week again Troops, welcome back for Episode 8!!! This episode follows Terry and Shelley as they start the momentous Spring Time task of shearing 180 alpaca and llamas!!! Watch out for some very smart Llama Boy haircuts!! Ellie has a much more relaxing time taking you on one of our lovely third sector walks with Dementia Adventure (get your tissues out it’s very sweet, don’t say we didn’t warn you) P.s There may also be some duck related dramas sprinkled in there…of course there is.




Hi guys and welcome back to our youtube channel alpacaly ever after video diaries episode 8! once again guys thank you for all of your comments, we love reading them, keep them coming, if you’ve got any questions please leave them down in the box below, today we are shearing, we are gonna start shearing, it’s a little bit early but we’re gonna start anyway because the Llamas here are in the barn so we’re gonna do a bit of shearing and then we’re going to meet Ellie for a – we’re going to be taking a group out, Dementia Adventure an im gonna show you all about that, so let’s start the day.

So today i’m joined by the butcher a.k.a Shelley she’s just learning shearing, im just learning shearing to be fair, we’re a tag team and we’re going to be getting some Alpacas in… sorry not Alpacas we are doing Llamas today we’re gonna get some Llamas in and we’re going to be shearing the middle bit of the Llama, the sort of belly, where the saddle sits, and how we do that, we get them in this contraption, so this is a crush uhm, i’ll give you a tour, we open up the door, the Llama goes in – Shelley goes in, we shear and outside the other end comes a sheared Llama, so yeah we’re gonna start now and we’ll show you how to shear a Llama!

So that’s just a little bit into the insight of shearing a Llama, we’ve got about 150 to do – Alpacas and Llamas so lot’s more videos to come, we’re going to finish off now and I’m gonna send Tom down to see Ellie to do Dementia Adventure!

Dementia Adventure are a wonderful organisation who help people living with dementia get outside and connect with nature and themselves and their community, they are one of our regular third sector visitors that come and take part in walks and activities and who benefit so much from spending time with the Woolly Army, this is all thanks to your suppourt and your bookings and we couldn’t do it without you guys.

Stop the video! Shelley and uh Nick have just rang up, someones hit a duck on the A66 so they’ve stopped what they are doing, they’ve got the duck, it’s got a banged head yeah and they’re bringing it back to the office to see uh if we can look after it, see if we need to take it to the vets, so we’re just waiting for the duck now, some duck news!

Duck emergancy! Monsuier Duck Duck is what we’ve named him.

He’s knocked his head, but then look at that back leg Terry, but he’s got a lot of life in him. Well hes got to be ant he. Yeah i think he broke his leg ant he, right well, we’ll have to take it to the vets won’t we.

Yeah, you’ve got a duck now mate

186 Alpacas, 2 goats and a duck!

I’ll go put him in and then i’ll phone Matt the vet, I mean he’s nice and lively it’s just that bottom foot but we’ll make sure your okay. It’s just got a bit of a floppy leg ant he, yeah i’ll phone the vet and see if we can do anything with a broken foot, there you go big guy.

So Emmas come down, she’s saved the day, we’re taking it do a duck shelter i mean i know she want’s to keep it.

I’m not keeping the duck, we’re not qualified to look after ducks

Yeah we’re gonna take it to a duck Shelter

Theres one in wigton so thet’s where we’re gonna go with it

So sorry guys, monsuier duck duck are you okay?

Nice duck, yeah good life, the best life.

So some good news guys, we contacted a knoxwood wildlife rescue, they are based in wigton and they said they are going to look after little howard the duck here uhm he’s doing okay, he’s calm, we’re gonna get him up there now so yeah let’s start this jorney.

Knoxwood Wildlife rescue are an amazing bunch of people, they take in injured and orphaned wild animals and birds and they nurse them back to help, when they can they return them to the wild or they give them a home for life, because of the avian flu problem we could’nt go inside and show you all of the shennanigans, but you can check out there website here and please help their amazing work if you can. Howard the duck is now in safe hands.

Oh so that’s that, little Howard living at Knoxwood wildlife rescue centre, just wan’t to say a massive thank you to these guys for taking him in, guys if anyone wants to leave a dontations, these guys do amazing things, they take birds in, chickens, ducks all sorts, uh we’re sending our donation over today – I’ll but some details on this little video, but it’s amazing what they do, i did say i’ll come back and pick him up and take him back to where we found him but apparently don’t need to with ducks, they’ll get better and fly off himself , so yeah, he’ll be okay.

So guys, another episode done, i hope you enjoyed that little video, you got to see a little bit of shearing and what we get up to there, im going to start shearing over the next couple of weeks, so lot’s more videos coming on that, so please stay tuned. Over and out

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