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Hi Troops, Welcome back to Alpacaly Ever After Video Diaries episode 11!


So a while ago we said we had some BIG NEWS… and we know it’s taken far too long to tell you what it is, for which we are super sorry!! But that’s the thing with BIG NEWS, it takes BIG amounts of effort and BIG amounts of planning and HUGE amounts of time…but we are a tenacious bunch of renegades here at Alpacaly and we got there in the end. And now, well now…we have a whole new site for you!!!!! Oh Yes we do and not just any site!!! This one is UNBELIEVABLE. How does 150 acres, a MASSIVE barn, a cafe, a farmshop, and a Flipping Lake sound??


Welcome to Basecamp North Lakes!


















Hi guys and welcome back to Alpacaly Ever
After video diaries episode 11, so guys this

next episode is all about basecamp, have a
look around, yeah roll the tape.

So guys we’ve got some big big big big news,
I’ve bought out the big guns to tell you all

about it, over to Emma!

So we told you a couple of weeks ago that
we’d done something bigger and weirder than

usual so we have now got a brand new site
for you to all come and enjoy and it’s called

Basecamp North Lakes, it’s just in between
Penrith over there and Keswick over there,

it’s slap bang in the middle, we’ve got 155
acres so as far as you can see that way to

that tree line and as far as you can see that
way just over the hill, we’ve also got this

lake/massive pond of water which we’re going
to be exploring, I’ve not even walked round

the land yet it’s a bit boggy over that side,
we;’re going to be doing meet and greets,

we’re going to be doing meet & greets with
the Llamas which we’ve never done before so

that’s coming online soon and we’re going
to be doing nice walks around this amazing

site, also we’re going to be doing a few videos
showing you round the site, we’ve got a huge

big barn so when it’s heavy rain in the winter,
we can go inside and do meet and greets in

there and also we can bring all our Social
Enterprise groups here because we’ve got the

space for them now, erm so it’s getting awesome.

along with the 150 acres and the lake we’ve
got a farmshop and a cafe, and we are so excited

about what we can do here, we want to become
a champion for sustainable rural enterprise,

we want to bring you the best in local produce
and the most sustainable options in the county,

we are so excited about what we’re going to
do here, we are in the process of upgrading

everything in the farmshop and the cafe, we
have an amazing bunch of people here, there

are Bakers, Chef’s, Pie Makers, they’re just
the amount of talent in the building is phenomenal,

so we’re so excited to introduce you to them

We’re also going to be having a bit of a community
hub here, we’re gonna be planning on doing

a community garden, so if anyone in the local
area wants to get involved, we’re going to

be growing vegetables on the site which you
can take home and whatever left we’re gonna

be selling in the shop, which can help fund
the community garden!

So that’s super exciting and we’ve got lots
more planned, throughout the year guys were

going to be doing lots of videos with Tom,
we’re going to be introducing you to our staff,

our chefs we’re going to be showing you how
to make pies, we’re going to be doing barbeques

with the produce we make, I’m also going to
be going round farmers markets, tracking down

local farmers and producers, buying their
stuff and showing you where we sell it in

the shop, so yeah guys if you’re ever passing
you’ll see the Llamas and Alpacas in the field

please stop in and come and see us and say

So thank you so much for watching, we hope
that you’ll join us on this wild adventure

that we’re having – crazy ride!

yeah thanks guys and see you on the next episode!

Hi guys, my names Tom and I am the videographer
for Alpacaly Ever After and Basecamp, if you

enjoyed that video please don’t forget to
like, comment, subscribe, share and hit that

notification bell to get notified when we
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See you on the next one!



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