Stevie Nicks🦙 Giving Birth | Alpaca Version 🦙| Baby Alpaca🦙 | Baby’s First Steps! 🦙

Hi Troops! Welcome back to episode 12 of our Video Diaries!

Today we have an extra special video for you… A baby alpaca being born! Not only do you get to see this energetic little alpaca’s birth, but also her very first steps & her drinking milk for the first time.

Alpaca births are a super special time for us here at Alpacaly Ever After & we are so delighted that we are able to take you guys along for the ride!


As a treat for our followers here on youtube, we are leaving the naming of our newest Alpaca to you guys! All you need to do to enter is Subscribe! (It’s free) by clicking this link → and by leaving your name suggestion in the comments down below, we will be releasing the name of the Alpaca in the next few weeks so stay tuned for that ;)

Thanks for watching people! Before you go, don’t forget to give us the thumbs up and follow us on our adventures :) You can do this by Subscribing to our channel! We know you know what to do, but if not here’s the link…


















Hi guys and welcome back to Alpacaly Ever
After Video Diaries episode 12!

I can’t believe we’ve done 12 episodes already,
today we’re at Basecamp North Lakes and as

we were driving in, we’ve just spotted Stevie
Nix one of our female Alpacas right at the

other end of the field laying down, getting
up – basically she’s in labour.

We are expecting it so we’re gonna head over
there now and we’ll show you a baby Cria being

born, so yeah guys – enjoy.

This is Stevie, Stevie Nix, as you can see
Stevies just started to give birth, she’s

actually done this before, she’s had one Cria,
this will be her second.

She know’s what to do so i’m just gonna sit
back and let her do her thing, i’m gonna hang

around and make sure that they’re both good.

So guys, how amazing was that!

Thank you for being a part of Stevies unpacking,
unpacking is the term that we use for an Alpaca

giving birth, so yeah Mum and Baby are doing
fantastic, so what we’re gonna do guys is

we need to pick a name and we’re gonna let
you YouTube channel subscribers pick it – so

all you’ve got to do is enter is subscribe
to the channel, leave us a comment with the

babies name and in a couple of weeks, we’re
gonna put it into a hat, we’ll pick it out

randomly and hopefully you’re gonna be able
to name a baby this year – so thank you for

taking part guys and i’ll see you on the next

Over and out.

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