Shelley! | Meet the team 2022

It’s time to introduce the 2022 roll call here at Alpacaly Ever After! Since our last team videos The Woolly Army has been growing and expanding and we are ever closer to our goal of world domination! There is no way we’d be able to do this without the amazing team of humans that we work for our awesome little social enterprise/we have pursuaded to join our cult ;)


This week, say hello to Shelley! Shelley has a solid background in the outdoor industry and has stopped noticing any kind of weather short of a hurricane. She is one of our Mountain Leaders and can navigate her way around the fells blindfolded. She is wonderful at rehabilitating new members of the herd and her favourite aspect of the job is seeing the improvement in health and confidence in animals from when they first arrive.

















Hi, my names Shelley and I am an Alpaca and
Llama guide, so you can find me on the longer

Alpaca walks with the slightly fitter Alpacas
though they’re still very ploddy up at Whinlatter

or i’m with the llamas so taking people out
just up the side of Catbells which is a pretty

iconic mountain or on the full day treks over
the tops of a couple mountains.

The favorite part of my job is definately
the full day llama treks, a whole day to hang

out with Llamas which are the most incredible
animals, I absolutely love them to pieces,

the route we’ve got is spectacular, the views
are insane, we’re looking over some really

big ranges, Skiddaw, Hellvellyn, Langdale
Pike, Scawfell Pike, I’ve been with the company

for over 4 years and i still find it really
surreal and special becuase people who maybe

don;t know the lakes or just haven’t met llamas
before it’s just a bucket list activity.

I’ve always chosen to work for companies that
have a family feel, companies that go the

extra mile, that really really care about
what they do, really devoted to what they

do and that’s defeintely Alpacaly Ever After,
the fact that Alpacaly Ever After is a social

enterprise means that they go that one step
further it’s not just about looking after

the woolly army and making sure that they
have an alpacaly ever after, but it’s about

being as eco-friendly as possible as a company
and then giving back to the community which

is immense so – thanks ladies!

– they’re working with all sorts of groups,
we get care groups, kids from deprived backgrounds,

people with dementia, we’ve worked with ex
veterans with PTSD so it’s just really special

working for a company that cares so much.

I really particually like the llama treks
because llamas in my opinion they’re super

intelligent, the difference between alpacas
and llamas for me are alpacas are like cats,

llamas are like dogs, they’re much more intelligent,
they love taking in the scenery and they love

being up high so taking them into sort of
an area which is more natural for them is

fantastic and being in the mountains, being
with nature is just taking in how gorgeous

the lake district is, all together it’s just

When i’m not with the woolly army you’ll still
probably still find me in the fells, i’m always

out with my dog zombie, we’ve completed all
the wainwrites so we’re now trying to find

new ways up the hills and i love water so
if im not on the fells then you’ll find me

canyoning, so absailing down waterfalls or
combining the two and swimming in waterfalls

or in tarns when im out and about.

Thank you for watching the video and learning
a little about me, don’t forget to like and


No that’s so cheesey!



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