Gathering the Troops for the start of Alpaca Walking Season!

Welcome back folks for Episode 7!!! Today you can follow Terry, Nicole and Peter rounding up the Alpacas to take them to The Lingholm Estate as it is the start of this years walking season! The boys are now all ready for you to meet, so get booking your Alpaca walks and Meet and Greets :) After the boys have been brought home, Ruby is heading over to Lyzzick Hall to check on the New Girls from Episode 5 and updating you on how Honey is getting on after her tooth removal, and then stay tuned for some quality bloopers!!




Hi guys and welcome back to our YouTube channel Alpacaly Ever After Video Diaries episode eight!

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On today’s episode I’m gonna be moving some boys from Little Fish to Lingholm It’s the start of the season uh so we’re gonna get the boys over there, start getting them warmed up for the year uhm later on Ruby’s coming over and she’s going to be taking you to Lyzzick to do an update on the girls that came over recently and a little bit of an update on Honey whose doing awesome, so yeah lets start the episode!

So guys the season has started, we’re going to start bring the Alpacas back to their original sites, we’re gonna go to Little Fish now pick up all the boys and bring them back to Lingholm so please join us!

Let’s go get them.

Let’s go for a rest, so we’re taking uh Inca, Dudley and Popeye to a resting site at Little Fish and these guys are going to be retired pretty much now, they might go out the odd now and again but yeah, basically they’re all getting super old and we’re going to give them a bit of a rest.

Good scratch before he goes!

Welcome to your new home boys!

Duds, you’re gonna love it here!

Rosie! The smiling Llama

So we need…

We’re going to be taking, Alan, Theo, Howard, Baz, Billy, Danny, Dave, Mikey, Odin, and then Diego which is this boy here.

So all that kerfuffle there with the Alpacas is basically when they meet eachother for the first time, they want to show their dominance plus they get a bit excited, so they can’t really hurt eachother, they jump on eachother a bit, do a bit of neck wrestling, and uh they chase eachother around, this will calm down in about five minutes uhm once they’re all tired and they’ll probably start again later on tonight, as long as they’re not getting hurt they’re fine.

So that’s it guys, another job done, all the boys safely here uhm me and Nicole are heading off, other jobs to do.

So we’ve had the new girls for a while now and they are settling in really well, as you can see they are just part of the herd, I’ve basically made best friends with Connie who is this little girl here, she kinda hangs around and just follows me around quite often so i feel like me and her have already made best friends, and then some of the other girls are just getting more confident so Demi this one here has kind of made friends with a lot of our younger girls but she is one of the
younger girls out of the group that we’ve just got, so she seems to be kind of joining the herd pretty well, and then we’ve got Lollipop head over here who is actually called Daisy but she tends to stay the most aloof, just kind of checking out what’s going on, so she has made friends with some of the girls, she’s hanging out with Tallulah at the moment, but she’s a little bit more aloof with people still, she’s setill getting used to us, and then for the rest of the girls they’re litterally mixed in within the herd uh one of the cutest ones of the new ones that we’ve got is Coco, she’s just eating over here, she’s the little dark brown one, eating with the babies but she really makes me laugh, she tends to get involved with everything she’s super nosy but they’re settling in really well, they’ve made really good friends with our girls and so far theres been no dramas in the field but in general the fields with girls are pretty chilled out, they have some good levels of respect for eachother, but as you can see they’ve settled in really well and they’re looking super healthy!

So we’ll keep you up to date with how they go.


Wanting to eat some food? Hmm? Shes like no! im full so with Honey, you’ll have seen from our previous YouTubes obviously she’s had an ongoing problem with her teeth, origionally we just got it rasped so that it was a better shape and then we made the desicion to actually take the tooth out, we don’t take that desicion lightly becuase with Alapcas it dosen’t always go well, but we’ve been really lucky with Honey that when we’ve took this tooth out it’s actually improved her health situation so much, so she’s still on her high calorie diet in here we’ve got kind of a high calorie soft food and it’s helping her put on weight and stay a little bit like stay… stay easier! It’s a little bit easier for her to digest so it helps her put on weight and keep her mouth nice and comfortable but she’s looking so much better she’s already put on weight again after having her sore tooth and she comes and eats with her best friend Angel whose one of our older girls Angel’s actually
sixteen this year! but they come in and eat together so she feels comfy and this is their little brunch bar basically, but yeah, she’s doing really well we’re super impressed with her and hopefully shes going to keep going up and up from here she’s starting to get back to her sassy self, usually when we touch her she shouts at us becuase she likes just doing her own thing so she’s starting to get her sass back which means that she’s definately feeling better but uhm yeah if you look she’s stopped all of her drooling and she’s feeling way healthier, she’s looking perky again so really good news!

It’s just as well, i think it’s actually helped her relationship with us becuase Honey was natuarally quite an aloof alpaca and just from her having sore teeth and us having to be so invasive with feeding her every day and catching her everyday and her going to the vets like I think she’s realised that we’re actually helping her and she she trusts us so much more now which is really nice because she’s only 12 years old so she’s not an old Alpaca but she’s really like kind of built a bit of a bond with us all now which is nice and it’s helped the staff get to know her better whise just started last year because she is, well she was quite a sassy lady but here like she’s just decided that we’re going to be best friends but she loves this food it’s like high calorie so it’s got all her vitamins and minerals in but it’s really high calorie really soft carbohydrates, but she’s done with it.

So thank you for tuning in guys! Another episode done uhm stay tuned every week, we’re going to be releasing another video every Tuesday around 6 oclock, so please, watch, like, share and subscribe!

See you on the next episode!




So welcome back guys!

We’re moving animals today A-Team Ruby’s sitting
this one out

No, 11!

What do you mean?

We’re not moving 18 animals

I said the A-Team


No, 11!

It’s actually 10


We’re moving animals today we’re about to

Smashed that!

One take wonders, and then you’ve got this
at the end.

I just can’t not like after i’ve finished
talking I just have to pull a face like a

gurning contest, you’re going to be able to
make so many outtakes of me gurning by accident

because I just awkwardly go like pppppbt after
the end of every take.

So erm we’re going to get them back to Li
uhh i just said that.

Is my beard okay?

Yeah looks fine

So one two tesing testing, we’re both synched
up, but your wire away *beep* not very preffesional.

Your not even wearing staff uniform!

on your top.

Yes i know becuase it rustles

We’ve got a giant working for us now

It’s me!

Turn around, loves panto

I do like panto, hello!

It’s fine she’s eaten like nearly all of it
yeah angels like ill have the hay!

Good girl I’ll open it wider Ah!

she’s off!

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