FAB Camp visits The Woolly Army! | Family activity breaks for bereaved military families

Hi troops and welcome back for this week’s video! A few weeks ago we had the delight of taking FAB camp out for an Alpaca walk and a Meet and Greet at our awesome new site Basecamp North Lakes! FAB is an amazing charity who provides fun and challenging activity camps around the UK for bereaved Military families.


FAB is staffed by volunteers from the Armed Forces, Defense civilians, and Ex-Service personnel – helping as mentors, lending a helping hand or simply being someone to talk to. They are all trained to support children and young adults facing bereavement. They do some truly amazing work and it was great to have them spend some time with the Woolly Army!


Remember guys, we wouldn’t be able to run these trips without all of your wonderful support & donations and bookings so thank you so much for being a part of The Woolly Army!

















FAB is an activity based holiday for bereaved
military families suppourted by the ministry

of defence volunteer scheme, the aim of fab
is to provide bereaved military families with

a safe yet adventurous environment to encourage
self-confidence, resilience and peer suppourt

while having fun.

FAB re-establishes that relationship between
the military community and bereaved military

families in the aftermath of their loss.

So FAB stands for Family Activities Breaks
and we provide activity breaks for bereaved

military families from across the three services,
the alpaca walks have had such a huge impact

on our, not just our families, but the volunteers
who are military or ex-military as well, it’s

just been a fantastic wellbeing activity.

The best thing about the walks is just being
with the Alpacas and their energy, but also

the fantastic estate and the grounds and going
down to the lake, it’s just such a lovely


I think being around these animals, as their
quite timid but yet outgoing and fluffy and

just – I don’t know it’s really hard to describe
the feelings that they give you, it’s just

warmth and happiness, doing activities like
this with the Alpacas and on this estate absolutely

makes me want to be outdoors and it definately
has done with our kids that are here as well.

Their whole experience walking with the Alpacas
and with the staff at Alpacaly Ever After

has just been phenomenal, they know how to
interact with our children, adults as well,

and they’ve just made it a really special
time, and we’re reall greatful for the experience.


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