Ellie! | Meet the team 2022

It’s time to introduce the 2022 roll call here at Alpacaly Ever After! Since our last team videos The Woolly Army has been growing and expanding and we are ever closer to our goal of world domination! There is no way we’d be able to do this without the amazing team of humans that we work for our awesome little social enterprise/we have pursuaded to join our cult ;)


This week, we bring you…Ellie! Ellie used to be all about the equines, until we brainwashed her with alpacas and llamas. Her ability to be unfased by any kind, or size of animal despite being the tiniest member of the team has come in extremely handy – she is an absolute natural! Animal welfare is her passion, and we are so delighted to have her on board with her amazing experience to care for The Woolly Army.
















Uh so hi, my names Ellie and I am a guide
here at Alpacaly Ever After so part of being

an Alpaca Guide here at Alpacaly involves
the general day to day care and making sure

all the Alpacas are in good health and they’re
all happy uh so obviously we do see them every

day and we can notice any changes in their
behaviour or if they’re not looking so good

the next day, we can kind of pick up on that
and do what we need to do, report it back

to the office and just keep on top of it,
keep our records, but obviously their healthcare

is a massive part of having the alpacas, obviously
Alpacaly wouldn’t exist without healthy happy

Alpacas so it is really nice to you know see
them all happy and healthy improvements in

their uhm own healthcare.

Working for a social enterprise is really
rewarding, seeing the impact that the Alpacas

have on people you know if you’re not having
such a great day, you can come and chill out

with the Alpacas in a really nice setting,
it definitely has had a big impact on people

so it is nice for us as guides to see that
every day with different people and you know

hearing peoples stories and why they’ve come
to meet the Alpacas.

So it is just really ehm really nice to see
and it motivates us to do what we’re doing

with the alpacas and allowing people to come
and enjoy the experieneces with them, as well

just seeing the changes between alpacas when
we first get them and you know changes of

behaviour and their healthcare, it’s just
super rewarding, just being able to see everything

from start to finish basically.

So depending on the weather i like to go out
and about sort of on a few little roadtrips,

adventures, little walks and things kind of
more exploring the lake district and I also

do pet portraits as well so painting.

Hi guys, thanks very much for watching this
video on what I do here at Alpacaly Ever After,

if you’re interested in more of what we do
here, if you wanna like comment and subscribe

and you’ll get regular updates on things that
we get up to behind the scenes.

Smashed it!

Uhhhhh English!

Hagrid, I’ve got a joke for you
How do Alpacas wake up in the morining?

They use there Allama clock

Have you heard that one before?


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