Workington Youth Whinlatter Alpaca Adventure!

Thanks to your amazing donations and bookings, this month we were delighted to welcome back South Workington Youth Partnership to come and walk our Alpacas at Whinlatter Forest! They were all absolute naturals and we hope the team had a lovely visit and will come back soon :)


Audio Transcript


My names Angela Goode, and I am the manager of South Workington Youth Partnership. South Workington Youth Partnership started as a little youth club one night a week and it’s now expanded into a full on community project. Where we have our own disabled project, which you’ve seen today with the Alpacas we also have quite a few projects with different children but yeah anythingto do with community projects, wether it’s getting food out, doing pantries, erm community spaces, furniture, baby stuff, baby clothes, uniforms, the lists endless what we do, but my passion is these guys eh, they’re just amazing. I think it’s the being together, they’ve been together and they’ve been outside It’s just basically the enjoyment. And they’ve done something that everyone else can do, so they’ve been the same as anybody else, and it’s the inclusion. I think the inclusion has been the biggest thing. And they’ve been exactly the same as us, becasue we don’t know how to handle them so we’ve been helped and you know, they’ve done exactly the same, and some of them have bonded better with their Alpacas than we have with ours and they’ve seen that and again it’s all about inclusion. Oh yeah we’re going to do it again not would i like to, we’re definately going to do this again yeah absolutely.

Guys just before you go, I just want to say a massive thank you to South Workington Youth Partnership for visiting us again, guys yeah I had an amazing time, it was really fun. Thank you for coming, and you know where to find us guys if you want to come back, and to everybody else I just want to say guys this is what your donations can support please keep them coming, we couldn’t do any of this without youse, it’s much appreciated i just wanted to say a massive thank you to everybody so yeah. over and out.

We’d All like to say…. Thank You!

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