What happens if it’s raining?

Experience has taught us not to believe the weather forecast! We play it day to day by looking up at the clouds and seeing if our faces get wet. Slight rain doesn’t usually stop us but if it looks bad we will ring you and reschedule to ensure you have the best possible time out :)

Audio Transcript

oh man, what do you wann know now? So guys, what if the weather is bloody awful? Believe it or not, we do get a little bit of rain in the lake district. Obviously we can’t have the lakes without the rain. But as long as you bring a waterproof coat, your going to be okay. I promise you at least once in your holidays your going to need your waterproof coat. So lets just say the rain is nice and light like this *light rain* not too bad, not too windy. Nothing exciting, yeah we’re going to go out, the Alpacas are waterproof, if you’ve got your coat so are you! We’ll have an amazing time. But if it’s like this super heavy, thundery, windy. Or we’ve had weather warnings, then yeah guys obviously we’ve got to cancel, we’ve got to make sure that you guys have a good time, and we’ve got to keep in mind the welfare of the animals, it’s super important to us, we want them to be happy. So yeah, lets say it’s super heavy and we’ve got to cancel. Every morning before our walks our guys will contact you anyway to confirm your time and where to meet them, and they’ll also mention the weather. If it’s just nice and light rain like before, then we’re gonna go ahead. If it’s super heavy, yeah we’re gonna cancel, the office will give you a call to reschedule your walk, they’ll book you in, hopefully at some point during your holiday, if however your going home and there isn’t any available space, because the weathers still here, we’ll just give you a voucher, you can come back at any point during the year, next time your visiting the lake district and book in then! Because we don’t want you to miss out on the walks guys, they are absolutely amazing and we want you to meet the alpacas, so hopefully guys, when you get here, nice and sunny, we’ll get loads of pictures and you won’t have to worry about the weather. But that’s what we do and hopefully it gives you a little bit of peace and mind, so yeah that’s that question done. So see you on the field! Guys I hope that’s answered your question. If you’ve got any more questions and you’ve not already answered them, nd it’s not on the website and you can’t find the answer yeah just dont mither me, im far too busy looking after Alpacas and Llamas, but luckily enough for you, Emma and John work upstairs so please email them and they’ll be able to answer any questions you may have, so thanks for watching, please like and subscribe and i’ll see you on the next video!

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