Lollipop Haircuts, New Recruits & Honey back at the Dentist – Alpacaly Ever After Video Diaries EP.4

Here at Alpacaly part of our mission as a Social Enterprise is to rescue unwanted alpacas and llamas, and we don’t like to reject any animal based on their behaviour or health issues. We always try our very best to rehabilitate and have had some great results over the years.

Malcolm is an example of an alpaca with serious behavioural issues due to mishandling in his early years, and his owners had reached the point where they could no longer deal with him. He is very aggressive with humans and also dominant with the two smaller males he lived with.

We will take it very carefully with him and see how we can improve on his relationship with humans and other alpacas, and hopefully over time become more relaxed and comfortable. We wouldn’t usually take an alpaca for a walk by himself, but in this case with Malcolm being over confident, we decided to try a little walk out with just him and Terry as part of his ongoing training.

Once the quarantine tests are done we will introduce him to a larger herd of confident, well balanced males which should greatly improve his behaviour, as he learns from others and is no longer the alpha of a very small group. We’ll keep you posted on his progress!

Hi Guys and welcome back to our YouTube Channel, Alpacaly Ever After Video Diaries, Episode 4. Can you believe it guys? Episode Four! Thank you for all your comments, thank you for subscribing, I think we’re just over 400 subscribers and followers which is amazing! The channel is growing nicely and yeah Im made up that you’re taking an interest in what we’re doing. Today we have got a couple of jobs to do. First of all im going to check out 16 Alpacas that we are rehoming, they’re coming to join the Woolly Army we were contacted by a lovely couple who we’re retiring an they want us to take their Alpacas and look after them. then this afternoon im taking honey back to the vets, I think it was episode two we took honey to the vets because she’s got teeth issues and yeah it’s not worked so… the vets said that might happen. we’re going to go and pick her up take her back to the vets, have another look around her mouth, the anti-biotics werent really working, she’s still drooling, so yeah we’ll probably get an X-Ray today check her out, see if theres anything we’ve missed apparently it’s slowly slowly catchy monkey when it comes to teeth, we don’t want to do too much incase we can’t reverse it. So yeah, join me on todays jobs. Episode Four! Lets go…

So yeah, this is the boys, this is the males, theres 11 males in total, and i can honestly say they look really well, I love this guy’s haircut, the lollipop haircut, im going to be going for this sort of style this year in shearing, see if i can pull it off, Im not sure if im that good. But yeah, all of these are males, the females are just behing us, I’ll show you them in a sec, and I can honestly say they’ve been really well looked after, they’re all middle aged, round about 12… 10, theres a few younger ones and yeah, these are going to be joining the Woolly Army so they’re on this site to be quarentined basically, we’re going to be doing worm testing, fluke testing and yonies and if they’re all happy and healthy we’re going to be moving them into the Herd.

So heres the girls, 6 of them in total again we’ve got a few lollipop haircuts at the back over there, i don’t know if we can get close to her. But yeah, again really well looked after, not many issues here at all, okay so we’re done here, everyones good let’s get going we’ll go pick Honey up and get her to the vets.

So we’ve had a quick changeover, jumped into the Llamagini I’ve been joined by Ruby ruby ruby ruby ruby! whose off camera because she want’s to eat, it’s all she does, so yeah we’ve got Honey in the back, going back to the vets for the second time, hopefully we’ll get her sorted this time, so she’s having an X-Ray and having her teeth looked at and maybe filed down a little bit more, so hopefully that should be it. I don’t think the aniti-biotics did anything, one of the vets did think that she had an ulcer on the back of her tongue, anyway let’s get there.

Honey! come on. There you go!

Here we go, just straight in there

*sighs* So that’s Honey done, we’ve got her loaded back up into the van, there were definately some ulcers in there, her teeth were a little bit sharp at the back and at the front which were touching her jaw becuase it’s undershot but yeah finally we got somewhere, hopefully that’s her sorted, there is a loose tooth at the back, but i’m not going to pull that out, im going to leave it to fall out naturally so we’re not causing too much damage to her saliva glands and yeah that’s it, we’re going to get her back to Lyzzick, get her watered, get her fed and hopefully she’s on the road to recovery, right so we’ll get her back. So that’s it, another day, another episode over and done with, thanks for watching guys and I can’t wait to show you our next episode!

Back off! God a little bit close this camera Tom

Is my beard looking good, basically you’re in my beard you’re that close you’re in my beard

we’re going to bring them to the … arghhh *bleep*

Episdode four lets go… heuaughhhhh

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