Lakeland Wellies Woolly Army Challenge!

Ruby and the guide team putting their Lakeland Wellies through The Woolly Army test :)

So while we’re out and about when we’re visiting site to site, um, it’s really important for us to make sure that we’re being bio secure. Cause we keep our alpacas and llamas in several different places. So these orange tubs are full of disinfectant that is eco-friendly and DEFRA approved. So it basically gets rid of any bacteria that could spread between sites.

From alpacas, like different fields of alpaca. So when we get onto site, it’s really important that we make sure that we’re scrubbing our boots so that we’re not taking bacteria from site to site. So we do it when we arrive on site and before we leave. So in theory, we’re still arriving with clean boots, but that’s just to be double secure between sites as well.

We sanitize our. And we’re making sure if we’re really muddy, we’re washing it all off, but that’s why we have to make sure that we’ve got wellies on. Cause obviously we’re getting everything really wet every day. So we’re really looking at, we’ve got Lakeland wellies. Uh, these are actually eco-friendly wellies because for us being as eco minded, as we can, is a big part of our ethos as a company.

So we’ve kind of teamed up with lakeland wellies. They’ve been really kind and we’ve all got wellies for our staff. They’re very comfortable. They’re very easy to clean with the grip, which has even better. Uh, it means that we’re keeping our feet dry, but we’re still making sure that we’re nice and sanitized because any type of rubber shoe is a lot easier to sanitize than if we were wearing like high leather boots or stuff like that, that we go walking in.

So for us, it’s best to get our wellies on, make sure it’s all disinfected. And then we’re keeping all our animals safe in the herd

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