Honey’s Trip To The Alpaca Dentist! – Alpacaly Ever After Video Diaries EP.2

Honey is one of the very first girls to join our herd – she has been with us for seven years!

She has always been a bit of a drama queen who likes to make her presence known, so when she became a bit subdued we know something wasn’t quite right.

She has always had an undershot jaw but it had never caused her any eating problems before, so when we spotted her drooling and dropping food when she was eating we decided a trip to the alpaca dentist was due – poor Honey!

She managed really well, and considering it was a new procedure for us (and also for the vets who have never rasped an alpacas teeth before!) It went really smoothly. Hopefully this visit will have done the trick and she’ll be back to her sassy self in no time, we’ll keep you posted :)

Hiya Guys and welcome back to Alpacaly Ever After Video Diaries episode two!

Uhm Guys before we start I just want to say a massive thank you for all the comments left in our first video, especially James Stanley and family, over in the US of A, Arizone I believe. Hi Guys! Thanks for Watching.

So on today’s episode guys, we are sorting Honey out, I’ve just had a phonecall from Ellie, one of our fantastic guides, and she spotted that Honey’s drooling so yeah there could be a few issues. It’s probably going to be a tooth issue but it could be poisoning from a rouge leaf that’s blown in. Or it could be something stuck in her mouth, so we’re going to head over there straight away, check her out make sure she’s okay uh so yeah, follow us on this new episode.

Hey baby girl! Hey Squiz you alright?

So this is Honey the brown one, this is the one we’re going to be looking at. And this is her best friend Audery

So yeah, if we do pen them up it’s best penning them up with their buddies, they don’t feel as stressed and it keeps them calm.

So the first thing we’re going to do is…

Before we start messing around too much, we’re going to bodyscore her. Even though she’s got loads of wool on erm. If it’s actually a tooth issue obviously shes not going to be eating as good, she might’ve lost a bit of weight.


So even though she looks massive, this is all wool, underneath that she has lost weight. She’s actually probably dropped a point, so she’s gone from a three to a two, so that’s not a good sign

This is why its vitally important to do bodyscoring as much as you can, to keep a check on their weight, obviously if she’s not eating properly she will be loosing weight.

Usually Honey is a screamer! So if you grab her neck she would be screaming, she’s not doing that so again she dosen’t feel great.

So gently, if we just feel around her face, I can feel a bit of saliva there obviously you can see the saliva

This bone actually feels a little bit strange

It’s going in there

hmm no

So on the top here, I can feel her molar, so my thumb is acyually sat underneath that molar there, so her jaw has gone to the right a centimeter.

So what I’m going to do now is feed her, I’ll put some water on, some sugar beets, high energy foods, high fat foods, let’s get some weight back on her, soft foods so she can chew properly

and erm yeah, lets get the calories back into her

I’ll phone the vets and we’ll see if we can get an appointment for today.

Hi guys it’s Terry how are you doing? yeah, could I possibly get an Alpaca booked in as soon as possible please, for today? if i can? So 3 o’clock? perfect. I’ll see you then

Right so that’s the site done, Distillery finished, water, feed, cleaned out the barns and yeah, checked Honey over, she’s going to the vets this afternoon, so we’ll film that, we’ll get her jaw scanned and see what’s going on. But she is eating, she wants to eat more. Jaz is here, she’s had her food and yeah, we’re going leave them here for the next few hours, we’ll come back, we’ll round her up and take her to the vets, so yeah lets crack on

How long have you had her?

Uh she’s 12 years now, probably had her about 6 years.

Okay. I think shes got a

Either her teeth or her jaw just aren’t lined up right and over time her teeth have grown out, they look like they’re growing outwards at an angle and there are big sharp edges, especially up here and it’s starting to cut the gum and that’s probably why she’s drooling and not eating.

If you file them back then, what do you knock them out for that or just file them?

We should just be able to file them because their teeth aren’t sensitive like our teeth

That sounds great! yeah anything that helps her. because worst case scenario i thought that it had rotten and fallen out.

No the teeth look.. apart from being a bit like that instead of like that they look okay.

that’s great news!

dropping food is a fairly typical sign of that, especially dropping out half chewed stuff.

yeah well I’ve not seen her eat any shes just always laying next to the hay so I don’t even think she’s tackling it. So this soft foods coming in really handy now. So i’m going to feed her twice a day and hopefully over time she just gets right.

So good news! James thinks all it is is her top teeth are actually going outwards and they’re cutting the side of her gums not touching the bottom teeth

So he’s going to I think he said rasp them? Basically file them, so with Alpacas teeth, they’re nowhere near as sensitive as ours. So basically we’re going to get a fi- a big file in there, file the sides of her teeth down to try and get them straight again. Which he reckons because they’re sharp, touching her gums, cutting her a little bit, she’s dropping the food and that’s why she’s shaking when she’s lifting her face so yeah good news guys if that was rotten teeth or anything like that, that would’ve been the end of her. Once the back teeth are gone, you can’t really fix them. erm so yeah, we’re just waiting for the rasper… sounds scary

You ready to have your teeth filed?

Little bit scary

Apparently this is a rasper, I don’t even know if im saying that right, it’s a big file, so we’ve got to work out now how to keep her mouth open while they get this in!

She’s home! Okay Honey’s back, she’s eating and she’s eating a little bit better, so what i’m going to do is watch her for the next few days to make sure that things start to settle down, see if she starts eating better and that drooling stops. If not i’m going to get her straight back. The next step is we’ll probably get her scanned, because we don’t want to be taking too much off the teeth when it comes to rasping because we can’t fix the damage if we go too far.

So yeah, we’re going to be keeping an eye on her, that was a new one for us, never done that before so yeah. It was awesome to watch

I always say that when you go to the vets, learn as much as you can so if it happens again in the future, you know what’s wrong and you can identify the problem and get it fixed.

So that’s it! another stressfull day over So thank you for watching guys! Hope you enjoyed that little episode, join us for the next one and please like follow and share and yeah. see you next time!

Morning guys and welcome back to Alpacaly Ever Af a afterrr I cant say my own companies name!

Hm its better than Halpacaly Halpacaly

Morning guys and welcome back to Alpacaly Ever After Episode two! Uhh yeah, and that’s where im up to. Right what else?

Episode Two erm..

Vanilla coffee!

In a nice enamel mug

Does anybody else have vanilla in coffee do you reckon? Because it is a marvel!


Wheres it come from Tom?

It’s the vanilla coffee

This videos going to be good too , you can leave another comment! I’m just waffling. I think im waffling

So we’ve got to work out now how to keep her mouth open while we get this in

I was going to say that’s what she said but…

It’s like it’s discolated

Is that the word? Discolated?


Discolated arm


I think so

Discolate – It don’t sound right

Disc, yeah its definately right!



No! Dislocate


Oh no i said

Okay disco, dis what? dis dis – dislocated


what were we saying?
discolate- I don’t know – dislocated

I don’t know because I said that before so let’s me change it to discolated





discolated – oh damn i’m not saying it



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