Dobby the rescue Alpaca gets a haircut!

This month we were contacted about an alpaca that had sadly been living alone for many years as a flock guard. He was no longer ‘of use’ so we were told he would be heading to the abattoir unless we picked him up by the end of the day…so we did. And now he lives with us :)

The poor chap had three years worth of fleece on him, and toe nails that were so long they curled right under his feet making it painful to walk. So we immediately fixed both of these problems and also treated him for worms. We gave him a name and a place in The Woolly Army for the rest of his life.

He has had very little handling and is understandably very nervous of humans, but we are confident our team can work their magic and have him calm and comfortable very soon. We’ll keep you updated on his progress!

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