Calderwood takes on Catbells

In September we had the pleasure of taking a group from Calderwood House up to the Hawes Gate viewpoint of Catbells with our Llamas trekking boys! is an emergency short stay accommodation which offers help to veterans and those struggling with homelessness. They do amazing work there, and we are so glad that we could give some of the residents and staff a day to remember!


Audio Transcript


So my name’s Steven, um, I’m the hostel manager
for Calderwood House.

We, um, Calderwood House, essentially

We are to an emergency short stay homeless hostle.

Um, I’ve got 10 members of staff, predominantly
lone working.

You’ve met Carla, who does the outreach work
for us, for that people who have moved


So we offer continuous suppourt.

But essentially speaking calderwood house,
we have 10 rooms and in those 10 rooms, we’ll

house, the homeless people from, from our
society and our communities, I should say.

Um, we prioritize veterans is something I’m
very proud of.

So if we’ve got one room Uh, We’ve got three people referred in.

We will look to, um, give priority need to that

Um, but it’s great, you know, it’s
a fantastic job.

It has it’s as with everything peaks and
troughs, ups and downs.

But when their ups are up it’s absolutely phenomenal
and we see some amazing journeys with people

Um, it’s absolutely fantastic.

I’m just watching them all walking away
there as a group, as a group, because for me,

they’re all going through the same sort of
journey and all the all very similar experiences.

What, this is something that they won’t forget.

W, what we have to remember is that these
people are vulnerable and have been through

all sorts.

Uh, you know, I can’t go into all the details
because we’ll be forever, but some of the

journeys, some of their experiences are very,
very traumatic for them.

We’ll see them all together.

Big smiles on our faces, a sense of achievement.

It’s actually going up Catbells with a Llama
as a group that we’re talking about this for

weeks to come.

That is something that I’m absolutely chuffed
to bits with.

And to be fair, I can’t.

Thank you guys enough.

I think it’s absolutely phenomenal.

So guys, just before you go, I just want to
say a massive thank you to Stephen for bringing

the Calderwood house team down.

Uh, it was amazing day.

It was great experience.

I just wanna thank you guys.

And guys, you’re welcome back anytime and
to everyone else.

I just want to say thank you for your donations.

We can bring Stephen and his groups down there
without your support it’s much appreciated.

And I just want to say a massive, thank you,
so guys, thanks for watching and hope you

enjoyed that little video.

I just want to say a massive thank you for
tuning in, and we’re going to be doing more

videos like this over the year.

So please like subscribe and share all like
the stuff that we usually ask you to do.

Um, so yeah, I’ll leave it there.

Thank you very much.

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