Okay troops it’s time…up and at ’em!

Our June Newsletter, 2020… We are re-opening from the 4th July!!

Which really, is a very good job indeed, because Ruby and Moose have become so laid back they are literally horizontal, and Milky Joe has been seriously missing your attention…he’s been trying to get the other boys to tell him how gorgeous he is every day but they are having none of it!

So it’s official! We are dipping our toes back in the lake as of the 4th of July :) Our website booking system is now open! Walks and treks will be available at all sites and Meet and Greets will be open from 1st August (you can finally meet the babies!! Keep scrolling…)

As an outdoor activity provider we are fully versed in risk assessment and safe operating procedures and we would like to reassure our visitors and those looking to book that we are doing our utmost to protect both our visitors and guides. We are confident in providing a safe and hugely enjoyable experience – as always! Full details of procedures are shown on the website and all booking confirmation emails.

We are so excited to see you all again – be gentle with us, we may have put on a bit of weight or have crazy new haircuts or have forgotten how to speak! ;)

All of our activities are outside in the fresh air, and alpacas and llamas are expert social distancers who always like to keep two meters apart so we had a bit of a head start! We ask that you do read your emails and ask any questions before you arrive to help us to keep you and our staff safe. Some of our sites will also have specific restrictions so please contact us if you have any particular requirements.

Read our full June Newsletter HERE


Congratulations it’s a Girl… a Boy, a Girl, a Girl… we’ve had babies! Our Alpaca and Llama girls have had an exciting few months and we’ve 10 new recruits for The Woolly Army! To meet them all, join our Meet and Greets at The Lakes Distillery.

#LlamaStrava is now a THING – Our llama boys have been bagging Wainwrights

Do Hummingbirds change colour? The simple answer is yes, they appear to, their iridescent feathers have layers of air bubbles at the surface.

Read our full June Newsletter HERE

Wordsmiths: Rachel Kearns & Emma Smalley

Videography: Terry Barlow

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