NHS Heroes… on a well earned free walk!

To say thank you to the amazing NHS workers last year, we gave away dozens of free Alpaca Walks… the best way we know how to say thank you to anyone! After all, time spent outside, in nature, with a fluffy side-kick has to be the best therapy for anyone in the WORLD! It is proven… and we have proof right here…

Alpacas and llamas are wonderful animals to spend time with due to their calm, curious nature, individual and humorous personalities and of course their appealing appearance!
Spending time with them:

• Reduces stress and provides a respite from day-to-day ongoing concerns.
• Improves empathy as we learn to understand the needs of another being.
• Improves impulse control by highlighting the need to be aware of our behaviour, it’s affects, and how to adapt ourselves accordingly.
• Builds trust and confidence – camelids respond to calm, confident interaction with humans and to see this affect in action helps foster self-esteem.
• Reconnects humans with nature in an accessible way, that attracts groups who would not otherwise be attracted to outdoor activities.
• Promotes physical exercise among groups that would not ordinarily be enthusiastic about it, and acts as a catalyst for positive change.
• Facilitates walking as therapy, allowing conversations to flow that can be difficult in more formal settings.

Martha Ball won a walk for her cousin Selina, who is one of those heroes, and she said this about their walk with us…

“So my cousin Selina is a consultant in A&E in a hospital in Birmingham. She has worked and is still working very hard during the pandemic. I’ve been for a walk with AlpacalyEverAfter previously and when I saw the post for NHS heros I thought why not try, who knows she could win it!  Selina and I walked Dudley and Inka on a lovely sunny day around the grounds with the our amazing guide. We had a really nice time! Natasha was very informative about the alpacas and she was a lovely chatty person!  We really enjoyed the whole experience and can’t wait to come and walk them again soon!”

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