Meet Ruby…

Ruby started with us in 2017, she’d started to show an interest in the Woolly Army and rang Terry one day worried that his alpacas weren’t well because they were all lying down in the field. Turned out they were just sunbathing… BUT what Ruby doesn’t know about alpacas and llamas now isn’t worth knowing AND she’s like a sponge still studying and learning everything she can about our herd. Ruby is wise beyond her years, hard working, compassionate and just one awesome amazing human being that we still can’t quite believe we are lucky enough to have working with us… she’s one of our key Directors and we couldn’t be prouder or happier!

I started helping out with the alpacas in February 2017, back then I think Terry and Emma only had about 35 alpacas (our herd is now over 160!). In the beginning I only helped out a couple of days a week as I had other commitments, but after a year I convinced Emma and Terry to take me on as a full time crazy alpaca lady and never looked back!

I am lucky enough to now be one of the Directors for Alpacaly Ever After, and I love each and every member of our woolly army… I especially have a soft spot for Dopey the llama. He’s the best trekking buddy of all time and will go anywhere I go :)

I’m the only born and bred Cumbrian at Alpacaly Ever After and have grown up in the hills surrounded by animals, so being outside with the alpacas and llamas all day is second nature to me. Alongside the crazy llama lady lifestyle, I also enjoy rugby, horse riding, paddle boarding and the occasional night out (I am yet to take Dopey the llama to my favourite beer garden just down the road from his home… he seems like the type of guy who’d like a pint of local ale).

I am super excited to see what the year ahead will bring and can’t wait for warm sunny days in the hills with the llamas!

Ruby totally Rocks our Tripadvisor reviews as well…  (so it’s not just us that think she’s fabulous!)

“We booked a private walk and thoroughly enjoyed a stroll around the Lingholm estate with three of the most delightful Alpacas, Howard, Inka and Dudley. Ruby our guide was full of information about them and was so enthusiastic. She also very kindly took some photos with her phone and sent them to us, a brilliant service in these difficult times. A very highly recommended experience!”

“Amazing!! Had a great day doing the llama trek, they was very well looked after and loved the walk, the guide ruby was full of knowledge on all the llamas. The views where out of this world, it really is a must if you come to the lakes😁”

“A fantastic 2 hour walk up Catbells with llamas Tim and Zeus and our guides Ruby and Terry. Felt very safe covid wise with a discussion before we set off. There were 6 in the group which started from little town. Great couple of hours with some photo opportunities. Ruby talked nonstop all things llama. You do have to be reasonably fit as it does involve walking a fell so maybe do the walk at Lingholm if not very fit. Once you walk a llama you can’t wait to book another visit. Loved every minute. Thought you couldn’t beat the alpaca walk at Lingholm but this is even better!”

“If you feel a bit down and in need of cheering up and even if you don’t, I recommend you try this experience. I defy anyone not to smile from ear to ear for the entire time and for the rest of the day. There’s not much that beats spending time with the alpacas and their quirky, funny, sweet personalities, being taken around by a friendly, knowledgeable guide and being surrounded by the beautiful grounds of the Lingholm Estate. An amazing experience all round. A huge thank you to all the staff who run the enterprise both in the office and on site (in particular the ever-helpful John and Ruby our guide) and make it the magical experience it is. Thank you so much!”



Wordsmiths: Rachel Kearns & Emma Smalley

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