Meet Diego, Charlie, Baz, Basil, Denzel and Bailey…

We were asked to re-home these lovely boys earlier this year and we are so in love with them already! You’ll get to meet them all soon but here’s a sneak preview of our newest recruits living their Alpacaly Ever After here with us… first time paddling in a lake! :)

Baz is a Nottingham ład, he’s 3 years old and his full name is ‘Cosy Dub Kens Great Guy’… he’s quite the man of the moment and a bit of a stud. Currently single and ready to mingle at The Lingholm Estate. 

Moonlight Bailey or just Bailey to us and you, is a 7 year old.  So in alpaca years that makes him middle-aged, he’s also quite shy and we think he’d be happy just pottering around the allotment on his days off from walking in the gardens at Lingholm.

Basil aka Wellow Twiglet (don’t ask us, we genuinely don’t know… we kind of like Twiglet) came from East Sussex. He’s 8 years old and is a Suri Alpaca meaning he has extra silky fleece with a nice little crinkle to it. Basil is going to be one to watch, we think he’s gorgeous and he has the softest velvetiest nose.

Diego is another stud from Nottingham, he’s 6 years old and his full name is… wait for it ‘Cosy Dub Kens Surprise’. We think the ‘surprise’ part is thanks to his awesome fringe, it’s quite the do! 

Charlie is a sweet 8 year old from East Sussex, he’s already started to win the hearts of our guides. Nicole might even have a new favourite… sssh don’t tell Jebs. DYK we have an instagram account just for Jebs, started by Nicole… for a bit more Jebs in your life!

Denzel is a super nosey and friendly boy… and he looks amazing! He’s a 6 year old Appaloosa from Cheshire, we feel that we should write a children’s book about him, he sounds sort like he’s got a back-story we should share (or make up).

We had a few other newbies join us and we’ll update you once we’ve got to know them a little better.

All of our new recruits will be available for adoption soon but if there’s one that’s already stolen your heart, just pop a note in the Adoption message box and we’ll prioritise your chosen one.

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Wordsmiths: Rachel Kearns & Emma Smalley

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