May we apologise… we missed April!!

Our May Newsletter, 2020… So sorry for missing a whole month!

It’s been a strange one for everyone and we hope this finds you all okay and managing as best you can in the trickiest of times x

We are super grateful to be where we are and surrounded by such beautiful landscape and also for the amazing weather! We hope we can share a little bit of gorgeous lakelandiness (made a word!) with you here in our newsletter and through our social media and shoutouts – we have been sending The Woolly Army into action by videoing FREE SHOUTOUTS for NHS staff and Front Line Workers so if you have any one you’d like to nominate then just get in touch :)

We are also incredibly grateful to all you wonderful Alpaca and Llama adoptees who have kept us going, we have begun sending out the packs (scroll down for more details) and shout out videos and if you have any photos or videos of anyone receiving them we would love to see it!! Our Woolly Army has never felt so loved :) x  (Apart from when you come to visit us of course, which hopefully we will all be able to do again as soon as it’s safe. We’ll keep you posted when we have news about getting out and about again!)

Read our full May Newsletter HERE


We’ve got babies due – Proud Mum’s to be included our llama’s Thelma, Louise, and Miss Molly who are due any day now.

Crowdfunder Rewards on way – So due to Coronavirus our Eco shed has had to be put on hold and we changed our Crowdfunding target and ‘hit the mark’… Celebratory Video here for you…

Our staff in lockdown – updates from the crew and what they’ve been doing

Emma’s created some NEW for 2020 Adoption Packs

The eyes have it – We came across this amazing series of photos of the eyes of various animals, we might be a bit biased but a llama’s eyes are by far and away the most beautiful ;-) except maybe for the camels!

Read our full May Newsletter HERE

Wordsmiths: Rachel Kearns & Emma Smalley

Videography: Terry Barlow

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