Get your kicks… on the A66!

Yeah yeah we know, it’s usually Route 66 that steals all the glory but with none of us able to travel at the moment, the A66 here in Cumbria is an excellent stand in! James Clark from Audi got in touch with us and asked if we’d like to be featured in their A66 campaign, we said yes and Ralph, Rupert and Ruby got the spotlight. We Are So Fancy.

We got to meet James and Alexander who wrote some lovely things about us and captured The Woolly Army looking mighty fine, we might be a bit biased but that’s how we roll… on the subject of rolling, here’s what James wrote…

Back behind the wheel of the A6, and with a 45‐minute drive to my next stop, there’s time to sink into the heated driver’s seat and enjoy the journey, making the most of the car’s exemplary refinement and the stunning scenery that can be admired as you cruise along the A66. As we approach Ullswater, the Lake District’s second largest lake, I decide to stop and hike up through the trees to the spectacular Aira Force waterfall. It would’ve been easy to spend hours standing on the small, rickety‐looking bridge that spans the top of the falls, peering 70 feet down into the rocky plunge pool far below, but I’ve got an appointment with a group of incredibly friendly locals…

Switching the A6 into EV mode, I glide silently up the driveway of The Lingholm Estate, a Victorian country house situated on the edge of Derwentwater. There I’m greeted by Ruby Nicholson, Ralph and Rupert – the latter are both two years old, around five feet tall and completely covered in fleecy wool. At this point, it’s probably important to mention that Ralph and Rupert are alpacas, and that Ruby is one of the directors of Alpacaly Ever After, a local social enterprise dedicated to rehoming and rescuing alpacas and llamas. 

Photo credit @alexanderrhind @thisisnorthstar

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Photo Credit to Alexander @alexanderrhind and @thisisnorthstar

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