Team Building… we’re here for you people!

Chris and her team from Podgy Paws here in Keswick were looking for a day out to celebrate the new year, recover from the last one and spend some time together outside of work.

Chris and Ziggy

Podgy Paws is a very successful local pet shop owned by Chris and Pete. They’ve got a great team of staff and 11 of them came to walk our alpacas at The Lingholm Estate. It was perfect timing, the weather was lovely, the cherry blossom were in full bloom and all of our alpaca boys were in their fluffy winter pre-shearing coats. They got some great photos on the walk…

They gave us some lovely feedback as well :)

Karen “Who knew that walking an Alpaca could be so rewarding…. Arranged as a kind of work bonding session, 11 of us met up at Lingholm without really knowing what to expect. What an absolute joyous 90 minutes it turned out to be with these beautiful creatures, wandering through the picturesque gardens of Lingholm estate as Ruby our guide shared her vast knowledge not only of the Alpacas we were teamed up with, but of the work these people do to rescue these humble animals. I had Danny, a deaf Albino Alpaca who’s life long friend that was rescued with him has since passed, gentle, calm and somewhat regal, I found myself wishing Danny could talk, what a story he could tell, as could they all I think.”

Quite an experience.  I  am grateful for the opportunity and my new found knowledge.

Beverley “Fabulous tour with Diago !! Who knew Alpacas can sing.”

Chris “After a very disjointed few months we really needed a positive team experience to re-bond all the staff.  We couldn’t have asked for a better way to do this than on an alpaca walk.  Everyone loved it, everyone fell in love with their alpaca and everyone wants to do it all again! Ruby and Shelley were the perfect guides.”

If you would like to book your team or staff in for a bit of alpaca or llama therapy, get in touch with us; or call our office on 01768778328

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