Puzzle me this…

How can a 250 piece puzzle be as hard as a 1000 piece?

When you start a puzzle do you find all the flat edged pieces first, build your frame and then colour code all the other pieces? Do you find a part of the puzzle you like and start building that first? Or do you work as part of a team, each of you focusing on doing the edges, the sorting or the building.

Well you might need to rethink your strategy! Each of our 250 piece Wentworth Wooden deluxe puzzles feature unique “whimsy” pieces, no corner shapes and have straight edged middle pieces for a whole new irresistible challenge! There is no building the border first, you have to work out how the squirrel, the frog and a leaf puzzle piece fit in and then just when you thought you had it nailed, there’s a flat edged piece in the middle – what madness is this?

Wentworth Wooden Puzzles are British designed and made using sustainable wood sources!

What is a whimsy piece… ‘Whimsies’ are essentially a puzzle piece crafted into a recognisable shape such as a flower or birds and are an historical link to the Victorian puzzle-making past. As the name suggests, the original Victorian puzzle cutters added the individual pieces on a whim and so the term ‘whimsy’ was born. Quirky and delightful, they’re a twist to the usual jigsaw and add another challenging dimension to our puzzles. The designers at Wentworth try their best to match the most appropriate whimsy pieces to the subject of the puzzle illustration or photograph. For example, if the image is of a garden then they would use gardening themed whimsies such as a watering can, flowers or a trowel…they don’t have alpacas or llamas yet unfortunately (one day!) so we settled for woodland flora and fauna for our whimsy pieces :)

As for the other pieces in the puzzle, they’re a bit special too. Each one of the puzzle cut designs is individually drawn by hand and many of them don’t have the same piece twice; they often don’t contain corner pieces and they also include straight-edged pieces in the middle of the puzzle, very tricky little things they are.

Wentworth Wooden Puzzles are made in the heart of the beautiful Wiltshire countryside and represent the very best of British materials and craftsmanship. Much of their jigsaw puzzle production involves hands-on processes and the wood used in their products is derived from sustainable sources. Continuing a strong and proud heritage, they take the traditional wooden jigsaw puzzle and make it relevant and fun for the 21st century. With state-of-the-art precision laser and printing production, they work sustainably to deliver quality products to our customers.

What better to way to spend a rainy weekend than a puzzle, this pursuit can be solo or a shared family challenge… we have Micro and Children’s versions as well and they all feature our very own alpacaly ever after herd! The Maxi one comes with a Wentworth drawstring bag to keep the puzzle pieces in.

The Maxi (250 pcs) measures 25cm x 35cm, buy here

The Micro (40 pcs) measures 8.5cm x 12.5cm, buy here

The Children’s (50 pcs) measures 25cm x 17.5cm, buy here

Wordsmiths: Rachel Kearns & Emma Smalley

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