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Stainless Steel Reusable Water Bottles – Meet One Green Bottle they are making our fabulous new for 2020, water bottles and here’s why we wanted to work with them: they make Stainless steel bottles that are leakproof and keep your beverage of choice, hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours. They use Zero plastic packaging with 25 plastic bottles removed from ocean for every bottle sold!  And you can check them out on Instagram right here… OneGB on Insta

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Alpacaly Ever After Stainless Bottle


Environmental Statement and Social Responsibility

The company onegreenbottle is committed to helping to create a clean environment and the minimisation of our global reliance on single use plastics. They are proud to be an Impact Partner of PlasticBank. Which means that for every single bottle they sell 25 single use plastic bottles are recovered from the ocean.

“We have calculated that our amazing customers have already saved over 10 billion single use plastic bottles from going into landfill or into our oceans since we began over 14 years ago* through purchasing one of our stainless steel reusable bottles. If they are looked after, our bottles can go on for years and years and when you are finally ready to say goodbye, they are 100% recyclable. All of our products are shipped with zero plastic packaging and as an organisation we endeavour to become a zero waste company. Any waste we do produce is recycled.”

*If a person, on average, uses 252 single use plastic bottles each year and that person converts to a stainless steel reusable bottle with a lifetime on average of 5years. Pacific Institute. “Fact Sheet: Bottled Water and Energy – Getting to 17 Million Barrels.” December 2007.

More on the onegreenbotttle Website HERE

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