How we care for our cria…

Our main focus will always be to re-home alpacas and llama’s, that’s what we are most passionate about! But every few years to keep the herd young and healthy we breed some of our own little new recruits and they bring so much joy :)

Alpaca and Llama females are induced ovulators, this means that they can get pregnant at anytime and all they need to make them fertile is the crazy reving sound that alpaca males make called ogling…isn’t nature the weirdest!

Gestation lasts for 12 months and caring for the babies is a full-time job (for us and the mums!) The Mum’s are usually really good at selecting the right time and place to give birth but occasionally we have to step in.

We always do a full health check on both Mum and baby, make sure the baby is breathing, walking and feeding well. On the rare occasion that this is not the case, then sleepovers in the shed, bottle feeding every 2 hours and providing warmth is all in a day’s work for Terry! Ensuring the mums have the right nutrients both during and after pregnancy is also key.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about alpacas and llamas then please email: and we’ll do our very best to help!

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