Hey you, nice mug!

Enamel Adventuring Mugs… made with stainless steel and then encased in enamel, these mugs are a hardwearing and awesome way to leave people in no uncertain terms that you are a Member of the Woolly Army! They are dishwasher proof, built for adventure, coffee in the hills, picnics by the lake and trekking with your favourite llama buddy by your side.

BUY yours HERE …be warned though, others may covet your mug, they may try to take your mug as their own and you may need to secure your mug somewhere safe when you’re not using it… OR you could buy them a mug too, we’re just saying, to prevent any losses ;)

They don’t like the Microwave and they do like to be hand washed with love and care to maintain their shiny glossy lustre… think timeless and retro :)

Wordsmiths: Rachel Kearns & Emma Smalley

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