Hand feed the girls, take as many photographs as you like and have all your alpaca questions answered!

Meet The Alpacas at The Lakes Distillery

And so it was once upon a time when The Lakes Distillery was the perfect place to live alpacaly ever after! Situated on the River Derwent in a dramatic location, it is surrounded by incredible views of the northern most fells. The Lakes Distillery is the perfect place to come along and Meet The Alpacas!

As a Non-Profit Social Enterprise all the income from our activities goes back into supporting the work we do re-homing and rescuing alpacas and llamas, and providing free and subsidised activities for third sector organisations! For more information about the work we do have a look here

I can’t recommend this activity highly enough, it’s all we’ve talked about since we’ve come home!Previous Guest

Alpaca your bags! We are off to meet some alpacas.

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