Booking Information

Want to take some alpacas for a walk?

Of course you do! And now you can…

Alpacaly Ever After are thrilled to offer alpaca walks around the stunning grounds of the Lingholm estate along the shores of the famous Derwent Water. Walk through private grounds closed to the general public, where Beatrix Potter spent many of her summers! Get to know our wonderful alpacas up close, take them for a paddle in the lake, meet the herd, take part in feeding time and ask as many questions as you can think of! Walks last around an hour and a half for private walks and mixed group walks. Bring your wellies!

Please Note

While the Lingholm Kitchen and Walled Garden are always open to the public, the Alpacaly Ever After herd are kept on part of the private grounds that are not accessible to visitors, so while you may catch sight of the alpacas off on a walk, in order to spend any time with them, pre-booking a walk is essential!

We get booked up at weekends and schools holiday really quickly so please book well in advance!

The following terms have been put in place to keep you and our alpacas happy and safe, to make sure our alpacas are not too outnumbered by humans, and to make sure you get the most out of your experience:


Alpacas and dogs make each other nervous so under no circumstances do we allow them on walks, however there are lots of places to walk your dogs around the estate and they are also welcome in the cafe!

On Private Walks:

All walkers must be paid for as part of the booking with one alpaca per person, no accompanying walkers allowed.

Minimum number of alpacas you can walk is two as they don’t like to be by themselves and so always need a buddy (if you are a solo traveller/lone wolf you can join one of our mixed group walks on Saturday and Sunday mornings).

All children under 16 must be accompanied by a paying parent or guardian.

Children under 10 can take part for free and are not included in the booking numbers. They will not be allowed to lead an alpaca alone and must share an alpaca with a paying adult following our guides instruction. One under 10 child per adult.

All children remain the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

The route can be adapted for pushchairs but for ease of walking we recommend carriers for small babies.

All our private walks can be adapted for wheelchair users and mixed ability walkers, please just inform us of your requirments prior to your walk.

On Mixed Group Walks (Saturdays & Sundays 9.15am only) :

All walkers must be paid for as part of the booking with an alpaca per person, no accompanying walkers allowed.

No under 16’s allowed– children are welcome on private walks but not on our mixed group walks due to health and safety reasons.


The weather around our sites can be very unpredictable and changes day to day often contrary to weather forecasts, although we always do our best to get you off on your adventures, looking after our animals and yourselves is our first priority. We can’t control the weather and we understand it can be disappointing, but cancellations due to bad weather are at our discretion and they’re to make sure that everyone is safe and happy. If we need to cancel we will either offer to re-arrange you to a different day within the next 12 months or if you’re certain you’ll never be in the area again we can offer a full refund.

When booking:

Only the days where time slots are available will be highlighted for you to select, if you can’t select a day that means we’re fully booked.

Don’t worry about choosing if you’re given an option between Guide 1 or Guide 2, that’s just our booking system being clever. All of our guides are awesome and will ensure you have the best time with our alpacas!


If you would like to redeem a voucher, please check the booking slots available and then give the office a call or send us an email with your date, time and voucher number.

If you are a school, organisation, charity or social enterprise and you are interested in what we do please contact us for our special rates and for more information about how we could work with you :)