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Alpacaly Ever After 2020

BBC Radio Cumbria sharing our story July2020

Marie from Radio Cumbria got in touch and came to visit our new arrivals for 2020. Terry and Ruby took her to our nursery site where she got to meet the 7 latest cria (baby Alpaca’s) to join our ever growing herd of #TheWoollyArmy, currently 130. While we have rescued most of our Alpaca’s and Llama’s we have also bred with them, to keep our flock young and healthy. The flock love the new babies so it’s a great way to build their bond as well.



The Woolly Army hits the big time... Jul20

Ocean Outdoor had a very special opportunity for smaller businesses and social enterprises like ours to have a series of billboards in significant locations around the UK. This was ‘given to us for free’ and even though the roads were quieter than normal due to Covid-19 we jumped at the chance to get our Woolly Army on a big screen. Let’s face it we were never going to be able to ever afford this in ‘real time’.

So from the 20th to the 26th of April, 2020 we had over 50 billboards around the UK with Terry and Ming on the top of Catbells here in the Lake District. This was our chosen advert, the whole campaign should have cost us £30k BUT we got it for free, thanks again to Ocean Outdoor for this amazing opportunity.

Keswick Reminder - Llamas on Catbells Feb20

‘Woolly Army’ hits the heights in the Lake District, starring in the Keswick Reminder, page 2 on Friday 21st February, 2020!

5 llama’s and our core team of staff made the most of a break in the weather during Storm Dennis to top out on Catbells. Although we take treks up to the back of Catbells, getting llama’s on to the very top is often too hard due to the amount of people already up there. This was a very rare moment when there was no-one, except for us on the top trig point. So a first for us and the Lake District, llamas on Catbells summit!

*Watch this space for more summits in Summer*

Natural Cumbria Membership Jan20

We joined Natural Cumbria!

Why we joined..

We provide an opportunity for people who might not otherwise choose to walk, or experience the outdoors and the beauty of the Lake District. We design and make delightful, ethical and sustainable products that promote alpaca yarn and crafts. We endeavour to be an ethical employer, paying above the Living Wage and offering flexible working hours in a pleasant working environment and a beautiful part of the world.

Link to our spot on their website HERE

Who Natural Cumbria are…

Welcome to Natural Cumbria. We aim to be a resource where both local Cumbrians and visitors to the area can find the best eco and holistic focused businesses. We know that some of these businesses can be hidden away and we aim to provide a platform where the great work they are doing can be brought forward for all to find.

More on Natural Cumbria HERE

Excellence in Environmental Practice Jan20

We achieved a Silver Award from the Green at Heart scheme operated by CBEN.

We set up our award winning non-profit company (specifically a Community Interest Company) to make best use of our skills, and do something positive and innovative with the land where we live, bringing visitors in touch with the landscape and natural world in an enjoyable, engaging and therapeutic way. More on us HERE.

In order to participate in the CBEN Green at Heart scheme, we needed to do the following.. ‘you must have as a minimum an Environment Policy, be aware of the environmental legislation and that would apply to your business and understand the main impacts you have on the environment.

More on the Award HERE.   Next on our radar, Gold Gold Gold…

Sykes Holiday Cottages 2019

Bob from Sykes Cottages came for a visit..

Find out how to experience more in the Lake District with Bob, our Travel Tipster, as he heads on a stroll through the grounds of the beautiful Lingholm Estate – with an alpaca…

Sykes Holiday Cottages website HERE.

Social Enterprise of the Year 2019

Winner of The New Social Enterprise Of The Year Award goes to….   Alpacaly Ever After (Massive cheers erupts)

And we quote “Alpacaly Ever After is a new social enterprise setup as a Community Interest Company less than 18 month ago. Since then over 7,000 people have participated in walks with their alpacas at the Lingholm Estate in Portinscale near Keswick and meet the alpacas at the Lakes Distillery. Their llamas have gone viral on social media and their video has had over 5 million views on UNILAD and they are currently rated on Tripadvisor as No. 1 out of 388 things to do in the Lake District”

More on the Awards HERE

Unilad came to hang out with us in 2019

The team from Unilad got in touch, they wanted to include Alpacaly Ever After in their 48 Hours in the Lake District.

“A breathtaking sunset with your new furry walking buddy” too right, we agreed!

That one time... when Unilad came to check us out! Feb 2018

Francesca Donovan and the Unilad Team came to join us on a Trek up Catbells in February 2018…

As a motley crew of 20-somethings ascended a mountainous fells on a crisp, bright January day, one fellow hiker stopped in her tracks in shock and awe. 

She exclaimed, ‘Well, I never expected to see this on top of a mountain’. But the unexpected sight she referred to was not the pack of millennial UNILAD employees braving the outdoors pre-noon on a Monday morning.

Instead, the hiker’s attention was drawn to the flock of nine fluffy alpacas pacing up to the peak of Cat Bells in the Lake District.


Full article HERE

Foster Care Family Launch 2018

Our Foster Care Families launch with Cumbria County Council :) Alpacas, the fuzzy, docile domesticated member of the camelid family, have been proving companionable to children and adults as therapy animals in a new initiative launched this week by Cumbria County Council.

“Walking with these magical animals is truly relaxing as they are so gentle and calming. The whole experience is very soothing for a troubled soul, and could be a very therapeutic activity for foster families with children of all ages.”

The whole article is HERE

BBC News Report 2018

“It’s like I’ve woke up from being drunk with a herd of 60 alpacas” This is what happens when we let Terry talk to the BBC North West ;)

Find out more about how it all began and meet the stars of the show, Jake, Boo and Will, our very first alpaca’s.

Watch the video here

Love Travel in 2018

Love Travel came and met our Woolly Army in 2018..

Fabulous Hannah in 2018

Hannah came to visit and created a lovely YouTube moment for her 419k subscribers..

Live with Elle in 2017

Elle Parker was on a visit from Australia .. “If you’ve ever wanted to walk an alpaca amongst some of the most beautiful grounds in the world, have I got some exciting news for you. Alpacaly Ever After is the most memorable holiday experience I’ve ever had, and I wanted to share it with you all.

Located on the pristine grounds of The Lingholm Estate, Alpacaly Ever After offers a unique behind the scenes tour of the private grounds whilst walking your very own alpaca.

If there is only ONE thing you do in the Lake District, let it be an Alpacaly Ever After Tour with Terry. He’s an absolute legend and my favourite person we met on our entire trip.

Read the full ‘Live with Elle’ HERE

More about Elle HERE

Guess who's in the INDEPENDENT... 2017

Helen gets to meet Terry and Jake and do a walk at The Lingholm Estate… we think she liked it ;)

“Fifty metres ahead waits a man wearing wellies and a tweed flat cap over his flaming red hair. That isn’t what’s astonishing – it’s pretty standard dress code for nearby Keswick, the pretty Lake District town where we’ve been staying for the last few days. No, what’s taken me aback is his two companions: a couple of joyously adorable alpacas.

..30 minutes later..

“Goodbye Jake,” I say softly, stroking his neck as I imagine I see his clear blue eyes welling up with tears.”

You can read Helen’s full review here…

Milky Joe is in the news again.. News & Star 2017

With a caption that reads ‘Bottle-fed alpaca Milky Joe to be Lake District peak tour guide’

The article continues to herald the arrival of our newest member like this.. “The world of Cumbrian fell-walking is in for a high-level shake-up – thanks to a thirsty alpaca called Milky Joe. For the cute little chap, who has earned his nickname from his love of the white stuff, will take his first steps as a tour guide up Catbells in the Lakes this summer. Milky Joe is part of a 40-strong herd of alpacas owned by Terry Barlow and Emma Smalley, who run Alpacaly Ever After at Setmurthy, near Bassenthwaite. And he’s proving such a draw on Twitter with his cute little antics that the couple have decided he can be the first Alpaca to trot up the famous Lake District fell.”

The rest of the article is HERE – News and Star

Milky Joe on ITV News 2017

Alpacaly Ever After’s little star, Milky Joe, makes the big time on ITV Border News..

(also featuring two cameos by some very embarrassed alpaca owners!)


Salvage Hunters came for a visit 2017

Drew is on an adventure to the Lake District? ALPACA MY BAGS!

Cumbria Live Family Fun Column

Click here for full review.

Our approach to these tricky times...

The Woolly Army would like to send you their warmest wishes x

We wanted to contribute to the welfare of us all, and our health care service, by not encouraging unnecessary travel and by adhering strictly to the government’s policies on social distancing. With this in mind we postponed all our activities for the duration of Lockdown.

As the relevant restrictions are now scheduled to be lifted we are delighted to say that we have opened bookings from July 4th onward  (these will be subject to any changes in government policy restrictions at the time).

As a social enterprise whose revenue goes into looking after and rehoming unwanted alpacas and llamas from across the country with 120 animals in our care, our priority has been maintaining the welfare of the alpacas and llamas during this time and as always you have been SO supportive and we couldn’t be more grateful – thank you so much, we wouldn’t be able to do it without you guys x

We want to do our very best by all of you awesome people who have booked activities with us and so have extended our policies so that all bookings (including vouchers) will have a minimum of 18 months from now to reschedule their activity – no rush just get in touch at a later date when everyone’s back on their feet. If you would prefer we can also exchange your booking for a gift voucher that you can gift to someone else or spend in our online shop.

We will continue to keep everyone informed, up-to-date and spamming you all with alpacas and llamas via our social media channels and if there is anything in particular we can help with just email us and we’ll be in touch.

Being outdoors in the fresh air and surrounded by nature is a hugely important part of physical and mental wellbeing and as always the Woolly Army looks forward to sharing this with you again in our beautiful part of the world.

Our sincere thank you for all of your support and our love to everyone in these tricky times X