About Us

Once upon a time in The Land Of The Lakes...

It was once upon a time in the land of the lakes when Emma (writer of children’s books and maker of beautifully whimsical things) found herself accidentally nodding her head when Terry (former soldier in the British Army, entrepreneur, ne’er do well, and thinker of Big Ideas) informed her that the only sensible thing to do in their spare time, was to start looking after a herd of alpacas. The reasons he gave were as follows:

  • Alpacas were funny-looking and would therefore, logically, be fun to look after.
  • Having done some “solid research” he had it on great authority that alpacas were the easiest of animals to care for, in fact he would go so far as to say that “they would look after themselves.” (let’s fast forward briefly to days spent covered in mud, drenched by rain and battered by howling winds, attempting to memorise the dosage on a catering sized bottle of de-wormer.)
  • They had moved to The Lake District! What better way to become part of the local farming community than to breed Peruvian livestock! (fast forward to years of quizzical/disbelieving looks, conversations that begin with “so what’s that then eh? Does it bite eh?” and then of course, the downright mockery.)

Based on three whole points of such profound logic, and bearing in mind their complete lack of experience, knowledge, land, or indeed alpacas, there was only one inevitable outcome. In a move that made no sense to anyone apart from them, they gave each other a wink and went off and did it anyway.

They started with a name. Because that was clearly the important bit…

Alpacaly Ever After... was born.

Six years later we now have a herd of over one hundred delightfully funny-looking rehomed and rescued alpacas and llamas that is growing all the time and a hugely successful Social Enterprise, our mission is…

To provide the alpacas and llamas in our care with the best possible lives and the utmost care.

To offer a welcoming new home for life, for unwanted alpacas and llamas from all over the UK.

To provide people with hugely enjoyable and unique alpaca experiences that are accessible to all.

To immerse our visitors in the beauty of the Lake District World Heritage Site.

To share our knowledge about a fascinating species.

To design and make delightful, ethical and sustainable products that promote alpacas and their yarn.

We have set up our independent social enterprise, to make best use of our skills, and do something positive and innovative with the land where we live, bringing visitors in touch with the landscape and natural world in an enjoyable, engaging and therapeutic way. We aim to make the experiences accessible to all, adapting our approach as necessary, providing everyone with an inspiring and memorable experience!

We have found the most beautiful homes for the Alpacaly Ever After herd and are lucky enough to work with some of the most amazing businesses in The Lake District, including the Lingholm Estate along the beautiful shores of Derwent Water, where we provide alpaca walking experiences through the private grounds where Beatrix Potter spent many Summers. Walkers get to know our wonderful alpacas up close, take them for a paddle in the lake, meet the herd, take part in feeding time and ask as many alpaca questions as they can think of! There really is nothing quite so delightful as watching an alpaca take a bath in a lake, it should be recommend as a cure for all cases of melancholy and world weariness.


We also do ‘Meet The Alpacas’ every Saturday and Sunday afternoons at The Lakes Distillery near Bassenthwaite Lake where guests are welcomed on the field for a half hour mini session of alpaca shenanigans.

We are proud to be the Number One activity according to Trip Advisor in the whole of Cumbria and the North West!

We now have six awesome full time guides on our team and with their champion efforts and skills we have launched our newest adventure working with Little Town Farm Guest House trekking llamas through the stunning Newlands Valley between the summits of Catbells and Maiden moor! And if that wasn’t enough to be getting on with, we are delighted to be working with the Forestry Commission England to offer alpaca walks through Whinlatter Forest Park, and are planning to start three day llama camping treks over the Lakeland fells in partnership with The Lake District Foundation…We couldn’t be more excited!

Alongside welcoming visitors from all over the world we are also proud to have provided experiences for many third sector organisations including Cumbria County Councils Foster Care Services, Eden Valley Hospice, Friends of Chenobyls Children, Cumbria Headway, AWAZ Cumbria, Always Another Way Cumbria Ltd and the One In A Million Foundation.

Terry & Jo Jo

Shelley, Ruby, Emma & a bit of Terry

Natasha & Frodo

Holly & Squirrel

Ruby, Milky Joe & Michael

Rachel and Ming

Rachel & Ming

Stevie and Ziggy

Where Next?

So, not bad for a start, but Terry has grander plans ahead, in fact, he may just not stop until world domination is in his sights! All the alpaca shenanigans on our social media have lead to lots of wonderful opportunities and the Woolly Army have been featured on Salvage Hunters, ITV and BBC news, the Telegraph and i newspapers, Diply, Love Travel and in February last year we were delighted to take the Unilad team up to the top of Catbells in what we believe was the first ever alpaca walk up a Lakeland fell and the resulting awesome video received over five million views (which we thought was a lot until a recent video we made featuring alpacas and rainbows broke the internet with over 35million views and counting!) We have recently teamed up with Unilad again along with Virgin Trains to make a video promoting rail travel to The Lake District.

And where will the story go next? Well who can say, all we know for sure is that it has been an absolute privilege to spend time in such gentle, curious and extremely funny-looking company, and that we will be trying our hardest, every day, to make sure that our woolly army get their Alpacaly Ever After…

As seen in...

Our approach to these tricky times...

The Woolly Army would like to send you their warmest wishes x

We wanted to contribute to the welfare of us all, and our health care service, by not encouraging unnecessary travel and by adhering strictly to the government’s policies on social distancing. With this in mind we postponed all our activities for the duration of Lockdown.

As the relevant restrictions are now scheduled to be lifted we are delighted to say that we have opened bookings from July 4th onward  (these will be subject to any changes in government policy restrictions at the time).

As a social enterprise whose revenue goes into looking after and rehoming unwanted alpacas and llamas from across the country with 120 animals in our care, our priority has been maintaining the welfare of the alpacas and llamas during this time and as always you have been SO supportive and we couldn’t be more grateful – thank you so much, we wouldn’t be able to do it without you guys x

We want to do our very best by all of you awesome people who have booked activities with us and so have extended our policies so that all bookings (including vouchers) will have a minimum of 18 months from now to reschedule their activity – no rush just get in touch at a later date when everyone’s back on their feet. If you would prefer we can also exchange your booking for a gift voucher that you can gift to someone else or spend in our online shop.

We will continue to keep everyone informed, up-to-date and spamming you all with alpacas and llamas via our social media channels and if there is anything in particular we can help with just email us and we’ll be in touch.

Being outdoors in the fresh air and surrounded by nature is a hugely important part of physical and mental wellbeing and as always the Woolly Army looks forward to sharing this with you again in our beautiful part of the world.

Our sincere thank you for all of your support and our love to everyone in these tricky times X